Ch 22

“Kyaa, Yuuya-kun is scary.”


“Hey, Reika-senpai, you’re guessing on purpose, aren’t you?”


“Eh? What do you want?”


Kuku. So I entered the park, and Reika-senpai really wanted to go to the haunted house…… This is why she’s been sticking with me since a while ago.


…I’m sure it’s because she wants to be attached to me… and I went into the haunted house.


“Haa, Reika-senpai. Please move away. Hands…”


She timidly held out her hand.


…. Well, it’s better than being stuck together.


“Um… yeah.”


Then, while blushing, she takes my hand and intertwines our fingers.


“Is this okay?”




Then we enjoy the haunted house with some nervousness and do the roller coasters.


While still holding hands.


“Reika-senpai, aren’t you scared?”


“Huh? Hmmm. I’ve never ridden in one before, so I don’t know. But I’ll probably be fine.”


“…… What’s in your heart?”


“It’s because everything is fun with Yuuya-kun.”


“…… I’m sorry to hear that.”


“Fufu. Are you embarrassed?”


“…Not really.”


This person really.


But you know what? I couldn’t back down when she said that.


Actually, I’m not good at high places and screaming attractions. Yes, roller coasters are a collaboration of these two unpleasant things. But…since Reika-senpai seemed to be having a good time, I might as well put up with it.


Then it was my turn to ask about Reika-senpai and talk about her house and other things to diffuse the tension.


“Reika-senpai, it’s time for you to let go of my hand.”


“…But, I will hold it back later…okay?”




Then slowly the roller coaster starts to move…


Haa. Haa. Haa. I thought I was going to die.


“Yu, Yuuya-kun, are you okay?”


“Yes, somehow”


I thought it was over.


“Yuya-kun, I’ll buy you a drink.”


“…Excuse me”


“It’s all right. Yuuya-kun, you sit there.”




Ha. It’s no good. I’m so pathetic.


I should be leading.


“Yuya-kun. Here you go.”


“Thank you.”


“No problem.”


……. I wonder if Reika-senpai enjoys being with me.


“Reika-senpai, Reika-senpai used to teasing…”


“Yuya-kun, I might get a little angry if you continue with that.”


Reika-senpai’s index finger gropes my cheek.


“Don’t say something like that. It’s rude to me who really likes Yuuya-kun.”


“…I’m sorry.”


Haa. I can’t compete with this senpai.


“… Alright. I’m fine now. Reika-senpai. Let’s continue our date.”


I dispel the depression and held out my hand.




She intertwines her fingers with the hand that was taken and starts walking.


“Ha. It was fun, Yuya-kun.”


“Yeah. It was a lot of fun.”


“Yes Yes”


We played until the last minute before leaving the park, and now I’m sending Reika-senpai home.


Senpai is smiling and swinging my hand back and forth.


“Ah, and senpai.”


“Eh? What?”


I was actually planning to give it to her on the train.




“Yuya-kun… That’s not fair.”


“I’m sorry.”


“But I’m happy. I love you. I love you even more.”


“… Please move away from me. It’s hard to walk.”


“I don’t want to. I won’t let you go.”




While buying a souvenir for my sister, I had bought a flowery handkerchief for Reika-senpai.


…. It doesn’t really have a deep meaning.


Yes, if I had to say it, it’s been a week since her birthday, so it’s the interest.


“Another important thing has been added.”


“…I see.”


“Yuya-kun, you always give me things.”


“No, that’s not true. I got something from Reika-senpai as well.”


“Eh? Did I give you something?”


That is true. I got a lot from Reika-senpai.


I won’t tell her, though.


“We’re almost there.”


“Yuya, don’t be coy.”


“Yes, yes.”


Then we arrived at Reika-senpai’s house.


“Will you date me again?”




…. Today was just plain fun.




“I don’t want to go on a date, I just want to hang out.”


“You could have just said ’No, that’s fine.’”


“Okay, okay.”


“Oh, but it’s okay.”


“What is it?”




“…Haa. Then, goodbye, Senpai.”


“Yeah, see you tomorrow”


See you tomorrow? Tomorrow is Sunday.



Oh well. Tomorrow’s me will do something for tomorrow.


I slowly made my way home.

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