Ch 23









What is this feeling? It’s like I’ve had this feeling before.


I think it’s called…déjà vu.






I wake up and move away from Reika-senpai, who is trying to hug me.


“Haa. Reika-senpai, good morning.”


“Good morning, Yuuya. Why are you avoiding me?”


“Because this has happened before.”


Ha. It’s nine o’clock now.


It’s much later than the time I usually wake up.


It’s probably because I was tired from my date with Reika-senpai yesterday.


“And please don’t put your face in the futon.”


“Oh, no. I feel like I’m wrapped in Yuya-kun.”


“Yeah, I’m going to the living room.”


“I won’t let you go.”


Reika-senpai pulls my hand and kneels me down on the bed.


“For not sticking together earlier.”


“Haa, Reika-senpai is being strangely aggressive.”


“Yesterday, I couldn’t stop the pain from going on a date with Yuuya-kun.”


“…I see. Hah. But just one more minute.”




Then Reika-senpai presses her face against my back and sniffs me.


“Senpai? Well, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t sniff me so much.”


“Why? I feel relaxed when I smell Yuya-kun’s scent.”


“…Haa. It’s already been one minute.”


“One more minute”




I try to free myself from Reika-senpai’s restraints and stand up.


“Yuya-kun, your chest is thumping, it’s thumping. Heheh.”


“… Reika-senpai’s face is also blushing. Are you embarrassed?”


“That’s not quite right.”




“Girl’s Secret♪”


“I see. I’m going to the living room.”


“Mmm. I wanted to flirt a little more.”




…… I’m not sure what you mean by that, but it sounds like you and I are dating.


I and my senpai are like friends. Maybe …….


I don’t know how Reika feels about it.


“Good morning, Yuu.”


“Yeah, good morning.”


“Okay, I’ll go get breakfast ready.”


“Ah, I’ll do it.”


“No, let me do it.”


“No, you always prepare breakfast for me, so let me do it.”


“Hmm. Then let’s make it together?”




Then I quickly make it with Reika-senpai. Since both Reika-senpai and I cook, our work efficiency is quite good.


“You both look like newlyweds.”


“… Huh? Hey, sister, it’s not like that.”


“Kyoka, shhh.”


Reika-senpai is appealing with her index finger on her nose.


Haa. So that’s how it is.


“Mmm. Yuuya-kun noticed. But that’s it…”


“Haa. Don’t be silly, let’s hurry up.”




After that, I worked hard to cook, ate dinner, and finished the day with some random goofing around.

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