Ch 24

“Summer vacation starts tomorrow…”


I’m going on summer vacation tomorrow.


I don’t have to stay in the library and study like last year.


I might go somewhere with Natsuki. Or maybe I’ll go see a movie with my sister.


Or maybe I’ll go to …….


“Don’t let your guard down just because it’s summer vacation.”


I hope I have a fulfilling summer vacation.




As usual, my senpai was waiting for me at the school gate.


After I went on a date with Reika-senpai, the theory surfaced that senpai came to pick me up from the classroom and we were dating, so it was a lot of trouble, but I reluctantly asked the senpai to at least wait at the school gate. I got permission, so my senpai is waiting at the school gate as usual.


…..I don’t mind if you come back.


More than that, the gaze around me hurts so let’s go quickly.


“I understand, so please don’t speak so loud.”


“I’m sorry. I just saw Yuya-kun.”


“…Haa. Let’s go.”




My senpai holds out her hand and looks up at me.


“…We’re not dating right now, so I won’t hold it. Besides, we’re not dating.”


“Don’t worry, we’ll be married in the future.”


“….. There is no such future.”


“What are you hesitating about now?”


“I just couldn’t get my words out.”


“I see♪”


“I don’t know anymore.”


I leave the smiling senpai behind and go on ahead.


“I’m sorry. Please wait. Yuuya-kun.”


“I don’t know.”


“I’m sorry”


“Don’t know…”


“I will hold onto you until you forgive me♪”


“… Haa, I forgive you, so please leave me alone.”


“…maybe I don’t need your forgiveness anymore.”


“Then I’ll never forgive you.”


“As expected, please forgive meee.”


We talked about such trivial things on the way home, and Reika-senpai even followed me home today for some reason.


“Reika-senpai, would you like to have dinner?”




“Yes, it’s nothing to add one more person.”


“Then, I’ll be counting on you.”




Then, I made dinner, and my sister joined me and the three of us ate it together.


“Yuya-kun, what are your plans for summer vacation?”


“Not decided”


“I see. Then, can I come to Yuya’s house every day?”


“As expected, you can’t come every day, but a little bit is okay.”


“Yay! I will come here once every two days♪”




I said a little, didn’t I?


“I’ll come back tomorrow, then.”


“Okay, but there’s nothing special.”


“As long as I can be with Yuuya-kun, that’s fine.”


“Haa, is that so?”




Even though it’s summer vacation, I’m feeling very tired this year.



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