Ch 25

“Wahh, good morning.”


“Good morning.”


“Good morning, Yuuya-kun.”


I rubbed my sleepy eyes and greeted her.


Senpai really came.


Besides, they’ve already prepared breakfast for me.


“Reika-senpai, thank you as always.”


“I’m totally fine. If I think it’s for Yuuya-kun’s sake, it’s not hard at all”


“…Is that so”




“Hey, Yuu. I made it too.


“Thanks, sister.”


“Yeah… What’s the matter? Aren’t you going to pet me?”


“Well, yes.”






I don’t know why she sounds so dissatisfied.


I stopped patting her on the head and thanking her, which had recently become a routine for me.


If I do it to my sister, I’ll have to do it to Reika-senpai as well.


Besides…it’s kind of embarrassing.


“Besides, the rice you made will get cold, so let’s eat it quickly.”


“…I feel like I’m being left out of the conversation.”


“It’s just your imagination.”


I got ready and started eating breakfast,

“Hey, Yuuya-kun. Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?”


“Huh? Well, okay.”


As I recall, there is nothing happening tomorrow. I mean, the only thing I have planned is to go back to my parents’ house.




“Is there anything you want to buy?”


“Yes! Ah, by the way, Yuya-kun, do you like swimming?”


“What? I like swimming as much as anyone else.”


“I see…. Fufu”


“What’s with that chuckle?”


I wonder. I’m probably thinking something weird again anyway.


Shopping, swimming…. Hmmm.


I don’t know.


“Secret ♪ I’m looking forward to tomorrow”


“Please make it as normal as possible.”


Why do you make it sound like I’m going to do something weird!? It’s okay, it’s normal.”


I hope so.


“Then, tomorrow around 1:00, i’ll see you in front of the station.”




Then, while listening to my sister and Reika-senpai chatting and laughing, I finish my meal and go to my room to finish my summer assignment.


It has only been one day since the summer vacation started. Half of the assignments are already done.


I’m the kind of person who starts doing assignments even before the summer vacation starts.


But I used to be one of those people who rush to finish assignments at the end of the summer vacation, but after last year’s experience, I’m doing them early.


I’ve grown up, haven’t I? Her face flashed in my mind, but I was not angry anymore.


This is thanks to Reika-senpai.




“Are you done studying?”


Before I knew it, Reika-senpai had entered the room and hugged me while I was sitting at my desk.


When she hugged me, I could smell her nice scent tickling my nostrils.


I always think that Reika-senpai has a nice smell.


I feel like a pervert. I’ve been thinking about Reika-senpai, so I’ve been unnecessarily conscious of her.


“Are you okay? Your face is a little red.”


“…It’s okay. But I’d like you to leave me alone.”


“Eh. I’d like to stay like this a little longer. Yuya-kun, you don’t care about me. I came all the way to your house.”


“Yesterday, I told you there was nothing special happening today?”


“I said all I want is to be with Yuya-kun, so we have to be together, right?…fufu.”


“Haa… just a little more then.”




Then, time slowly passes, and I see Reika-senpai off after eating dinner and studying together.


Before I know it, Reika-senpai lets go of the hand she was holding.


“See you tomorrow.”


“Okay. I’ll see you at the station tomorrow at 1:00.”


“Look forward to it”




Then, after seeing off my senpai, I was on my way home and thinking about tomorrow.


…Just as a friend.

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