Ch 26

Ha, Ha, Ha.


Not good, not good, not good.


I run down the road as fast as I can.


Oh god. Why is there a red light at a time like this?


I overslept recently, probably because I’ve been getting up late.


I’m sure I set my alarm properly, but why isn’t it working?


Almost there. Just a little more.


Where is my senpai? Oh, there she is.




Senpai looked at me…her cheeks puffed out and her eyes were a little moist.


“I’m really sorry”


“Yuuya-kun. What’s going on? Did you do something?”


My senpai raises a slightly dissatisfied voice and looks up at me


If I say I’m doing something, I usually do it, but this time it’s my fault


“I genuinely overslept. Sorry.”


“….. I understand. But I’m not sure if I want to forgive you yet.”


“As you wish.”


I’m going to be honest here. It’s totally my fault.


“So, uh, will you marry me?”


“Wait, no, that’s just not possible.”


“I’m just kidding. But I’m so hurt.”


“I’m so sorry.”


“Now, here’s the question.”


“Yes. Yes?”




“What do you think I want you to do, Yuya-kun?”




I wonder what Reika-senpai would be happy to do to me.


….. I had an idea, but I don’t want to say it myself because it sounds kind of narcissistic.


But I guess I’ll have to say it. If I don’t tell her and she sulks, I’m afraid she’ll make even worse demands.


“So, do you want to hold hands…?”


“Well… heh. Nice try, but it’s not. The correct answer is I want a gentle hug.”


“Well, that’s ……”


That’s quite a hurdle for me.


“I was thinking a lot about whether Yuya-kun disliked me or not…”


I gently hug my seniors.


“I’m sorry. I made Reika-senpai uneasy. I don’t dislike Reika-senpai.”


“… Yeah. But I wish you had said ‘I like you’ there.”


My senpai gives me a slightly mellow smile and rests her face on my chest.


….. Also, I just thought, this was a station.


Glancing at me from the surroundings, I feel a stinging gaze. Ah, a girl in high school just now turned her face bright red and averted her gaze.


“Hey, Yuuya-kun. Where are you looking?”


My senpai give me a reproachful look. Slightly grumpy.


“No, it’s a misunderstanding.”


“I wonder what’s a misunderstanding?”


This is bad. If I clear up the misunderstanding, she’ll demand it again if I do.


What should I do?


….. I remember that my senpai liked to have her head stroked. I stroke my senpai’s head while checking on her and see if she’s in a good mood.


The senior squints at you and makes a hemming face, but shakes her head and gives me the jittery look.


“I feel like Yuya-kun patted me on the head and cheated on me…..”


“I don’t think so. Let’s go, shall we?”




My senpai made a slightly dissatisfied face, and took my hand, but looked slightly happy.


Haa. I did it in the morning.


I’ll listen to Reika-senpai today.

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