Ch 27

“So, Reika-senpai. Where are we going today?”


“That’s something you’ll have to wait until we get there.”


Then Reika-senpai intertwines her fingers with me.


I’m worried. I decided to listen to her today, so I want to listen to her as much as I can, except when she says she’s getting married.


And so, after getting off the train, I walked a little and came to the shopping mall where I first went shopping with Reika-senpai.


It’s been about two months since then.


Time flies by so fast, doesn’t it?


“Yuya-kun, what’s wrong?”


Reika-senpai peeked at me, perhaps because I had slowed down to walk, remembering what had happened a while ago.


“No, I was just shopping with Reika-senpai.”


“Ah, that reminds me of that. Yuuya-kun, you remembered that.”


Reika-senpai then grips her intertwined hands a little tighter and smiles happily.


“It just happened.”


“Yes. It just happened!”


Reika-senpai then released her intertwined hands and hugged me in her arms.


“…Haa. So where is your destination?”


“We’re almost there. Ah, look, there it is.”


“…Where is it? Do you mean the optician?”


I’m pointing at a place where Reika-senpai bought swimsuits, but I don’t think so, so I turn to the opposite optician.


“Mmm. It’s not. It’s over here.”


I was forced to turn my face to the place where my finger was pointing.


“Today, I want Yuuya to choose a swimsuit for me.”


“……..I see.”


“Huh? Is it okay?”


“Why are you surprised?”


“I thought Yuya-kun would be a little reluctant and then reluctantly agree to do it.”


“I’m sorry to hear that.”


“Fufu, Yuuya-kun has been honest with me.”


“Honest from the start”


“Only boys and Kyoka-san.”


Reika-senpai chuckles.


…….. I think I’m rather honest with Reika-senpai as well.


I’ve made it a rule not to get involved with girls since that girl dumped me.


But Reika-senpai is different because there were various things.


I’m not completely honest with her, but I think I’m relatively honest with her as well.


I’m sure she doesn’t think so, though.


Then we entered the store, and there were quite a few couples in the store talking about this swimsuit.


“Hey, Yuuya-kun. “Do you think we also look like a couple?”


“I don’t think you can see it. Reika-senpai and I don’t have a good balance. Maybe you can see it as siblings.”


“Mmm. Yuuya-kun, the balance is irrelevant. Every day I wonder if I’m in balance with Yuuya-kun.”


“… Reika-senpai is good at flattering.”


“I’m not flattering you, Yuuya-kun is a very cool, kind and nice person.”


“…..Is that so”


“Yes, it is”


I gave up my slightly dissatisfied face and smiled.


I’m a little embarrassed, so I want to buy a swimsuit as soon as possible.


“I’m not a fashionista, so I’d appreciate it if you’d give me a choice.”


“I see. Then I’ll try on a variety of clothes, so please look at them and make your choice.”




Then Reika-senpai goes to choose a swimsuit.


Come to think of it, I’ve done this before.


She must have chosen the clothes. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the kind of clothes that Reika-senpai is wearing today…


…..Haa. This is my weakness. Why do I remember coming here before, but why can’t I remember my clothes?


“Yuya-kun, which one do you think is better, this one or this one…? What’s wrong with you, Yuuya-kun?”




After that, Reika-senpai wore various swimsuits and ended up with a separate type of black bikini.


All of the swimsuits were very suitable for her, and it was hard to describe in words, but I think the simple black bikini was the most suitable for her.


Then I went to various stores with Reika-senpai, and now I am on the train on my way home.


“Um, Reika-senpai.”


“Hmm? What happened?”


“I’m late, but Reika-senpai looks good in that outfit. Isn’t it the one you chose together with me before?”


“…mmm. It’s late.”


Then she giggles softly.




“But you noticed properly, so I’ll forgive you♪”


I don’t know if there will be a next time, but I have to be careful next time.


I thought so when I saw Reika-senpai happily resting her face on my shoulder.

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