Ch 28





…… What time is it?


Hmm. It’s only 7:00.


Then I can still sleep.


I crawled into the futon and tried to close my heavy eyelids while looking at Reika-senpai’s face next to me…


While looking at Reika-senpai’s face next to me! ?


“Hey, Reika-senpai!”


“Nn……. Yuyaa-kun.”


Then Reika-senpai pulls my hand and hugs me.


I was completely sleepy.


She fell asleep again while hugging me.


“Oi, Reika-senpai.”


I pock her cheek a little, but she seems to be sleeping with a pleasant and somewhat relieved look on her face.


What should I do with it? I should let her sleep, since she is completely asleep again.


But she’s holding me right now, so I might as well fall asleep too.


And that’s no good …… I wonder if it is?


I just want to sleep normally… If I just sleep, it’s nothing.


But if Reika-senpai wakes up and calls the police or something, it’s totally my fault……


….. I just thought Reika-senpai smells great.


It’s like being wrapped in sunshine. Or a warm feeling like a freshly dried futon …..


It’s very calming and reassuring.


I’ve been hugged like this before.


It must have been the day I confessed to my senpai…


Ahh. I’m getting sleepy…












When I looked at Yuya’s face, I wanted to sleep with him, and when I looked at his pleasant and somewhat innocent face, I got sleepy and fell asleep.


Besides, when I lay on Yuya’s bed, I felt as if I was being hugged by Yuya……….


Yuuya is sleeping in my arms.


Yuya-kun… for some reason, I’m hugging him and he’s still sleeping.


Hmm. Eh?


Ah, come to think of it, I vaguely remember that Yuya-kun was shaking me with a slightly surprised look on his face.


It wasn’t a dream.


I’m sure I was half asleep and thought I was dreaming that Yuuya-kun came to my house and woke me up.


But nice. I was sleepy.


Because I was able to hug Yuya-kun.


Yuya-kun is sleeping with a relieved face.


Sigh. I want to put him on my lap and do many other things to him.


Recently Yuya-kun has been getting nicer and nicer to me, and when I looked at his face before, he looked at me with very sweet and gentle eyes, which made me very nervous.


He surprises me a lot.


The last time he took me on a date, he gave me a gift.


He is also very attentive to my needs, and the other day he gently helped me when I tripped on a step. ……


The list of things about Yuya-kun is endless.


Mou, Yuya-kun. It’s no good. It’s no good.


You can’t do something cool like that!


Because I probably won’t be able to reason with myself.


…I want Yuuya to kiss me …….


Sleeping with such an innocent face, I’ll steal your lips.


I trace Yuya-kun’s lips and put my hand on his cheek. They’re so smooth. Don’t you get pimples or something? You look like a girl.


But when I hold your hand, I still feel like a boy. He has a cool face and a nice face inside.


Ah, I want to know more about Yuuya-kun. I want Yuuya to fall in love with me. I want to love Yuuya more.


“I like you. Yuuya-kun.”






I was surprised. You are sleeping, aren’t you ……?


He squirmed around for a bit and then fell asleep again.


Somehow, I’m getting sleepy again.


Haa. Yuya-kun’s smell. Calm do…wn






“Yu… Rei…”




“Yuu. Reika.”




“Good morning, Yu.”


“Good morning. What time is it?”


“One o’clock.”


“What? Really?”


Well, I think it happened once, and then Reika-senpai…


“Ah, that’s not what you are thinking, sister.”


“Hmm? What?”


“I didn’t do anything.”


“Hmm? Ah. I know. Yu wouldn’t do such a thing without Reika’s permission.”


“Thanks. I’ll cook now, so wait for me.”




I woke Reika-senpai up who was holding my hand before I knew it.


“Reika-senpai, Reika-senpai.”






I shake her up quite strongly.


“Mmm…Good morning, Yuuya-kun.”


“It’s already noon.”


“Huh!? Really”


We ate a late breakfast and finally started our day.

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