Ch 29

“This is sudden, Yuuya-kun, but tomorrow, with me…”


“I don’t want to.”


“It’s fast!? I mean, I haven’t said anything yet.”


Usually at times like this, Reika-senpai will say something weird.


Also, I can usually guess what to expect this time.


“Please listen! Come with me…”


“Let’s go to the pool, please stop saying that, okay?”


“How do you know!?”


That being said, I went shopping for a swimsuit the other day. Besides, tomorrow is …..


“Umm… Yuuya-kun doesn’t like me…?”


I said I don’t hate her the other day, and I’m currently …… about Reika-senpai. Yes, I consider her a friend.




“I hate pushy Reika-senpai.”


“I-I’m sorry. That’s right. You don’t like such impudent girls.”


My senpai is visibly depressed. It seems as if there is a dark aura around Reika-senpai.


I wonder if I said ‘I hate you’ a little too much.


Hmmm. Ah!


I gently patted Reika-senpai’s head.


“If it’s not sudden, I’m okay with it. But if you ask me out of the blue, I get conscious and nervous because we’re both men and women.”




“So I’d appreciate it if you could tell me in advance.”


“…. I will do so next time.”


At first, Reika-senpai had a remorseful face, but her face gradually melted and her eyes became gloomy.


…. I think I’ll leave her like this a little longer.


But still…


“Reika-senpai, you like having your head stroked.”


“This is because Yuuya-kun is stroking me. I feel calm, or rather, I can feel Yuuya-kun’s kindness. That’s why I love you.”


“Is that so?”


…. So please don’t say those things lightly.


After that, I wonder if it was enough, there was almost no conversation, but the time passed slowly and I was able to relax.


“So when we you going?”


“Huh? Yuuya-kun, are you going?”


“Yes. Um….the swimsuit I bought is going to be wasted.”


“Thank you. Then… how about Monday?”


“I understand. But next time, please let me prepare without saying tomorrow.”




I have to correct one more thing.


“Reika-senpai, I said earlier that I don’t like pushy Reika-senpai, but that’s a bit of a correction.”




“I hated Reika-senpai, but I still like your forcibleness in dealing with me.”


This is how I became friends with Reika-senpai.




“I’m sorry. It’s a little confusing.”


Senpai shook her head


“I got the message right…….Ehehe.”


“…Is that so? I’m glad.”


“Yeah! Hehe. Hehe.”


Reika-senpai says so and nuzzles her face into my chest.


Haa ……. I’ll leave it like this for a little while longer.


I’m really getting soft on Reika-senpai, aren’t I? ……

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