Ch 30

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Yuuya-kun.”


“Yes, I waited a long time.”


“You could have said, ‘Oh, I’m not waiting at all.’”


“I’m not waiting at all.”


“You’re so impolite! You should have used a little more intonation.”


“You were always clean and neat, but today’s clothes are very cute. It suits you very well.”


“I felt like I was being cheated. I’m so happy though. Thank you.”




After the usual light-hearted exchange, we go to the pool we had planned to go to.


I was originally wearing a swimsuit underneath, so I quickly finished changing and now I’m waiting for Reika-senpai.


I’m feeling a little nervous. I’m not even Reika’s boyfriend.


There are couples there, so I’m more conscious of them than I should be.


“Thanks for waiting, Yuuya-kun.”


Reika-senpai is running over here.


…… with a glance around.


“Well? Does it look good on me?”




“Yuya-kun, your face is red. Are you conscious of it?”


My senpai looks into my face and smiles and looks at me. That’s why.


“Yes. I was very conscious of it.”


“..I, I see.”


When I honestly told her how I felt, Reika-senpai blushed and fidgeted. I don’t know why you get so fidgety about these things, Reika-senpai.


All right. I feel like I’m getting back at her for teasing me on a daily basis. But somehow it became a delicate atmosphere.


“Well then, let’s go.”


“Uh, yeah. Ah, wait a minute. Yuya, did you apply sunscreen?”


“Oh, I’m sorry, I haven’t. Can you wait a minute?”


“I don’t mind waiting, but I’ll put it on for you.”


My senior is smiling with sunscreen, and for some reason, she looks happy.


“Fine, but only if you don’t ask me to apply it, too.”


“I wouldn’t say that.”


I’m saying, but I’m downright depressed.


Haa, really, this senpai.


“I understand, so please don’t be discouraged. Um… I’ll do it if it’s just a little bit.”


“Uh-huh! Thanks.”


“Okay, okay.”


“Then, I’ll apply first, and then you can lie down there.”


“Like this?”




My senpai’s hands carefully apply sunscreen to my back.


What is this? It’s a strange sensation. Various emotions are swirling in my mind.


“Okay, I’m done.”


“Thank you.”


“Then, do you want me to apply it too?”


“Well, …I’m only going to apply it where Reika-senpai can’t.”




She lay facedown and unhooked her swimsuit.


Something, something. I feel like I’m doing something wrong.


“Senpai, are you okay with that?”


“Yeah, I’m good.”


I apply sunscreen to her back.




“Are you okay!?”


“…Yeah. It’s okay. So keep going.”


“I understand”


Be calm, be calm.


I shouldn’t give Reika senpai any strange feelings.


She is my friend, after all.


After a lot of nerve-wracking work, I was finally able to apply the sunscreen.


“Thank you, Yuya-kun. Eh? What’s wrong? You look so pale! Are you okay?”


“…Yes, I’m fine. So let’s go play quickly.”




Is it okay to be this tired before getting in the pool? 

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