Ch 31

“Um, Reika-senpai. Please step away for a moment.”




Maybe it’s because I’m wearing a swimsuit, but it’s more vivid than usual. That’s why I’m more conscious and nervous than usual.


“Well, you know…”




I gently take my senior’s hand and intertwine our fingers.


Senpai blushed and fidgeted, glancing at me.


“Should we stop?”


“Yuya-kun’s being mean… Leave it as it is. I like it just the way it is.”




Then, my senpai squeezes my hand. I feel like…….. I’m not sure what to say.


“Where shall we go? The pool here is pretty big.”


I don’t remember the pool being this big. I haven’t been to a place like this since I came here with my family when I was in elementary school.


And this place is popular, I guess, with a lot of people.


There are various pools, such as a wave pool and a flowing pool, so I honestly don’t know where to go. There is also a water slide.


“That’s right. Then let’s go over there?”




Reika-senpai has chosen an orthodox, ordinary, and plain pool.


I tried to let go of her hand to enter the water, but she wouldn’t let go.


“There are a lot of people here. I don’t want to take my hands off you.”


“Let’s at least take our hands off each other when we go in.”


“Ya. …… Yuya-kun, you’re the one who’s holding my hand.”


“…… Really.”


“….. Yeah.”


I feel really awkward or nervous. But if I don’t let go, it’s hard to get in. ……




“Watch out!”


My senior bumps into someone and slips.


I am stuck under my senpai and fall into the pool.


The water made a loud noise, and the guards shouted from afar to warn us.


I was lucky that there was no one under me and I was able to react to the situation.


“You there! Don’t jump in!”


“I’m sorry. I’ll be careful.”


“Don’t do it next time!”






“Are you all right, Senpai?”


Hmm? What’s wrong with my senpai?


Did she hit somewhere!?


“Are you okay! If you get hurt anywhere, I’ll call the staff.”


“It’s okay…… I love you, Yuuya-kun!”


“Hey, wait”


“I can’t wait. I love you. I love you.”


My senpai hugs me like a weir and holds me tight.


As it is, she steams her cheeks, turns her face toward me, gently closes her eyes, and turns her lips as if she is waiting for something.


I gently put my hand on Senpai’s cheek and bring her face closer…


“Senpai, I don’t get carried away by the atmosphere.”


I whisper to my senpai in her ear and gently pulled on her cheek.


“Mmm, it would have been nice if you did. But I love you.”


Reika-senpai hugged her even more strongly. I gently stroke Reika-senpai’s hair. I think I should get out of the pool and take a rest. I’ve noticed that senpai sometimes cares about me in strange ways.


“Let’s go up and take a break, shall we?”


“Yeah, sure. Thanks.”


Senpai is already embracing me without hesitation and smiling at me. She has been staring at me with her face smiling at me, saying, “Fufu, ehehe.”


And when our eyes meet, she smiles even more and hugs me tightly.


I really don’t know what’s going on with me today.

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