Ch 32

“Then Reika-senpai, please sit there. I’ll buy you a drink.”


“…stay here for a while”


“I understand”


My senpai, with her cheeks stained, holds my hand a little tighter and turns over and says that to me.


Then I spend the rest of the day gazing at the pool in a daze.


“Senpai, it’s about time…”


“Yeah… But I’d be happy if you could come back soon.”


“Okay. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”




I run to buy a drink.


I forgot to ask what my senpai wanted to drink.


What did she always drink?


I think she always drinks soy milk during lunch. But there is no soymilk in the pool, and when I asked Reika if she likes soymilk, she said she doesn’t, but she said it was for me.


I wonder what soy milk can do for me….


I don’t think she’ll drink anything carbonated, so I’ll just play it safe and go with tea. Oh, there is ice cream, so I’ll buy that too.


I quickly made my choice, bought a bottle of water for myself, and returned to Reika’s place. ……


Reika-senpai is talking to a man she doesn’t know. Who is it? Is he from school?


As I got closer, I realized it was different. That’s… a pick-up


Since the senior shook her head and didn’t like it, it seemed that the other party was quite persistent.


I was able to re-recognize how beautiful Reika-senpai is, after all, being picked up just by taking my eyes off her.


More than that, I have to help.


“Reika im back”


“Ah, Yuuya-kun! Yuuya-kun!?”


Senpai is turning red and covering her face with her hands. I’m sorry, senpai. I will apologize later.


“Who are you?”


I’m her boyfriend. What do you want with my girlfriend? Oh, I’m sorry if you are acquainted with Reika. Can you leave it for later? We are on a date. If you are insistent on picking on her, I’ll call the attendant or security guard.


I respond with a smile and some sarcasm.


The man frowns.


“Okay, tch”


He stared at me and went elsewhere.


“Uuu! That’s a foul, Yuuya-kun!”


“Hey, senpai!?”


I was pushed down by Reika-senpai because she hugged me so vigorously, and she kissed me on the cheek.


“I’m so happy to have someone I love call me by my name and to have him as my boyfriend…”


“Yes, yes.”


I stroke my senpai’s head and back to calm her down, as if I were trying to soothe her excitement.


“Have you calmed down?”


“……. It’s Yuya-kun’s fault.”


“I’m sorry.”


“It’s Yuya-kun’s fault for holding me gently like this, and it’s Yuya-kun’s fault for being so cool.”




Then Reika-senpai kisses my cheek again.


“For now…that’s all. Yuuya-kun is here.”




My senpai pointed to her mouth and said something like that.


I gently kiss her on the cheek.


“If only I had the time.”




The ice cream I bought has already melted.

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