Ch 33

“Senpai, it’s about time, why don’t we go into the pool?”


“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”


“So please leave me alone.”


“I will never leave you today”


Then, my senpai hugs me tightly.


I don’t want it to be like it was earlier, so please at least move away from me when you enter, okay?”


“…… I understand. But I don’t want to be separated from you as much as possible, so why don’t we go on the water slide together?”






She smiled happily, swinging her clasped hands in the air.


Then we climbed up a very long flight of stairs and arrived at the starting point.


“Who wants to go first?”






What’s that? I thought you always hugged me, so I thought you wanted me to do it.


“I did it! Yuya-kun is hugging me.”


“Reika-senpai, your voice.”


“What? I’m so happy. I don’t often get hugged by Yuya-kun, so I’m very happy.”


“Is that so?”




My senpai smiles and spreads her arms.


“How can I ski if you’re hugging me from the front!?”


“Then do it when we get back?”


“…Do you think that if I make a wish now, it will come true?”


No, not at all.




“Um, can you please move…”


“Oh, I’m sorry.”




I was messing around and causing trouble for the people behind me.


For some reason, the men behind me gave me a steely look, or perhaps a murderous look.


No, it’s not like me and Senpai are dating.


“Then, Reika-senpai, please sit down there quickly.”




Gently, I hugged her from behind and began to slide.


“You know…… Right? Yuuya-kun.”


“What is it?”


“Thanks for today. You were really cool. I love you.”




“Oh, it’s over.”






“I think senpai are pretty and cute too.”




When I say it again, my senpai asks me back, perhaps because I was somewhat embarrassed and my voice was low.


“Nothing. It’s over.”


“Huh? Ah, yeah”

Then we dive in with gusto.


After that, there were many things like going into the pool, relaxing, and Reika-senpai suddenly starting a medley, but it was a lot of fun.


“Um, Yuuya-kun.”


“Hmm? What is it, Senpai?”


“Um, what did you say when we were sliding down the waterslide?”


“Huh? Ahh. You know.”


The train is shaking. I put my face close to my senpai’s ear so that she couldn’t see my face.


“That is, I think you’re pretty and cute.”


“…… Uuu”


Ugh. Once again, I’m so embarrassed and I feel my body getting hot.


But Reika-senpai blushes more than me and holds my hand tightly.


Why? She usually doesn’t react like this. Is it because I said it more seriously than usual?


Until I saw her off, Senpai blushed her cheeks and didn’t show me her face.

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