Ch 34

“Sis, you should get up soon, it’s almost 2 o’clock.”


“Mmm-hmm. Good morning, Yuu.”


“I made breakfast, so please wash your face.”




It’s been a few days since I went to the pool with Reika-senpai. Reika-senpai came yesterday, so I don’t think she will come today.


“Yuu, what’s for breakfast?”


“It’s spaghetti.”




“You like it, right?”


“Yeah, I like the food that Yuu makes the most.”


“I see.”




My sister is sitting next to me and eating deliciously.


I don’t know what it is, but I feel good. I wonder if my mom feels this way too.


Oh, come to think of it, she has to go home.


“Sis, shall we go home this weekend?”


“What? I’ll be there tomorrow. I told you.”


“What? When?”


“The day I went to the pool with Reika. Also ……”


Huh? For real? Maybe I was too tired to listen to the conversation.




“Reika’s coming with me.”


“Reika’s going with you!?”


“Yes. Look.”

Then my sister shows me the contact app on her phone.


‘We’re going home this Friday, do you want to come with us?’


‘Eh? Is that okay?’


‘Yes, it’s okay. Yuu has been taking care of Reika for me, and he’s like your girlfriend, right?’


‘I don’t know. Heh heh heh.’


“That’s what I meant.”




And why don’t I deny Reika-senpai?


No way. It’s fine to go home, but I don’t want to take Reika-senpai with me.


I have a feeling my mom will make things pretty messy.


My parents are very protective of me and my sister.


They are not overprotective, but what can I say? Hmmm…


For example, they make us dress-up dolls, put our hair in different hairstyles, take us to different places, and so on.


If I took Reika-senpai to such parents….


I’ll ask her with my last hope.


“What do mothers say, by the way?”


“Hmm, here you go.”


‘Can I take Reika with me, as I’ve been talking about for a while now?’


‘Of course! Bring her.’


‘I understand.’






“Do you really hate that I’m going to ……?”


“I don’t mind, but I feel sorry that you’re being squashed by Mom and Dad… Reika-senpai!?”


“Hello, Yuuya-kun♪”


Then Reika-senpai hugs me in her arms.


“I couldn’t wait to come.”


“There’s still quite a bit of time left until tomorrow.”


“Can I stay at Yuuya’s house today…?”


“Sure, but…”




Haa, this is definitely going to be an exhausting week. But …… Looks like it’s going to be a fun week too.


I thought so when I saw Reika-senpai looking so happy.

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