Ch 35



“Nn. Nnnn.”




“Nn-uh. …… Good morning, Yuya.


“Good morning, Reika-senpai.”


“Breakfast is ready. Please go get dressed.”


“You look like a newlywed.”


“Don’t be silly. Get dressed.”


“I’m not being silly.”


Reika-senpai puffed up her cheeks a little to show her dissatisfaction.


“Please hurry up and get dressed.”




I wake up Reika-senpai and get her ready. Come to think of it, I have the impression that girls are not comfortable with being seen sleeping, but Reika-senpai seems to be okay with it, I wonder why?




“Hmm? What?”


Perhaps because my senpai is awake from sleep, she asks me in a sweet voice, tilting her head.


“Are you not afraid of being photographed in your sleep?”


“I’m a little embarrassed, but I think it’s okay if it’s Yuya-kun.”


“Why? We’re not even dating.”


“That ain’t it.”


Reika-senpai hugs me…


“It was because we were going to get married in the future and sleep in the same bed.”


“…That’s not happening.”


“Fufu. I wonder why you hesitated just now?”


“Because I was about to weir a little.”


“Fuu. Fufu.”


“What is it?”


“Yuya-kun, you’re so cool and yet so cute.”


“It’s too noisy. Please change quickly.”




Then I went to the living room and put breakfast on the table.


My sister got up and cooked breakfast with me.


It was so much fun to cook without being in danger like before.


I wonder if she is taking a bath now?


“Good morning, Yuuya-kun.”


Around a bit after all the breakfast is laid out, my senpai comes to the living room, a bit later my sister comes, we eat breakfast, and leave the house.


After about 30 minutes on the train, we arrive at our destination.


We pass through the ticket gate and go to my parents.


“Sis, are they home?”




“Also, Reika-senpai. Good luck.”


“Huh? Uh, yeah”


Reika-senpai tilts her head and makes a ? mark on her head, but she is fired up because she was cheered up.


So we walk a little from the station to a fairly large parking lot and ……


“Welcome homee, Yuu.”


“Welcome home, Yu.”


Dad waves and Mom hugs me.


‘I’m in pain right now.’


“Oh, sorry. So, this is…”


“Nice to meet you. I’m Reika Satsuki. Yuya’s friend…? I’m his girlfriend! We’ll get married in the future!”


“No, she’s not, and we won’t.”


“You’re Reika-chan… so cute!”


Then she hugs Reika-senpai. Reika-senpai looks surprised for a moment and is left to do as she is made to do.


“Hey, when are you and Yuu getting married? When are you going to have kids?”


“Wait, wait, Mom.”


Mom asks Reika-senpai a lot of questions once she thinks she’s away from her.


“Yes, I will drop Yuya-kun by the end of this year.”


“I won’t drop you! Don’t get into the story!”


“Mom. Wait.”


Dad comes over here and stops me from talking.




“Count me in.”


“Calm down for now!”


No moree.

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