Ch 36

“You’re getting too excited, Mom.”


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Because Yuuya, Kyoka, and… Reika-chan came.”




Mom said that and hugged Reika-senpai, and Reika-senpai was left to do as Reika-senpai did to her.


Mom has been like this ever since we got in the car and went home.


“Anyway, Mom. Is my room still the same?”


“Yes, I’m leaving it as is. Also, Reika-chan will sleep in Yuya’s room.”


“I know……. I don’t agree!”


“I understand. Stepmother.”


“Wait a minute, Reika-senpai. Don’t agree to it without permission. Besides, there’s plenty of room.”


“Why? It’s like you’re already dating Reika-chan.”


“We’re not dating yet!”


“Hee. Not yet?”


“No, no.”


“Fufu, ehehe”


Reika-senpai, please don’t blush and hide your face with your hands.


“Well, I’ll sleep in the living room, so Reika-senpai can use the room.”


“Yuya-kun…do you really hate being with me so much?”


Reika-senpai is visibly down and looks me up and down with a tearful look on her face.


“Se-senpai… That’s not fair.”


“…… Because”


“I understand! I understand.”




“Yes, it’s true. Please don’t be sad.”


“Yeah……. Ehehe”


Reika-senpai looked up at me and I gently patted her head while watching her.


“Mom, do you have a futon for guests?”


“Yes, but…”


Mom looks at me with a smirk on her face.


It’s a little annoying.


“Then, I will use the futon, so Reika-senpai can use the bed.”


“Will you sleep with me?”


“I can’t.”


“We used to sleep together before….”


I gently stop Reika-senpai’s mouth with my index finger, put my face close to her ear and whisper


“Senpai, please zip up your mouth a little bit.”


“Uh… yeah.”


For some reason, Reika-senpai blushed and became quiet.


“Come on, let’s stop flirting and have lunch.”


“We’re not.”


Then we ate lunch that my mother made a little late, and now I am reading a book slowly in my room.


By the way, Reika-senpai went shopping for dinner with my mom about an hour ago.


While I was taking my time, the door to my room opened.


“I’m home, Yuuya-kun.”


“Welcome home, Reika-senpai.”


Then she gently sits down next to me.


“I’m sorry, Reika-senpai. My mother is a little noisy.”


“Yeah, yeah, not at all. I’m happy. I’ve never had anyone do this to me before.”


“Did something happen with your parents? You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”


Reika-senpai smiled and


“It’s not that serious. My parents were very dedicated to their work and didn’t give me much time or attention, so I was just a little surprised that they were so different from my parents.”


“I see.”


I gently stroke Reika-senpai, who is a little downcast.


“My parents will take good care of you, so I think you can indulge them.”


“…Ehehe. I guess so. They will be my mother-in-law and father-in-law in the future.”


“I don’t know.”


“Fufu, ehehe.”


“What is it?”




“……is that so”


I was so embarrassed that I fled to the bathroom.

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