Ch 37

“Um, Reika-senpai.”


“What is it?”


“No, you can’t.”


“I’m always ready.”


“It’s no good.”




“I can’t sleep with you.”


“I always want to sleep with you.”


Now, after eating dinner and taking a bath, I decided to go to bed early because I was tired after everything that happened today, and when I got into bed, Reika-senpai, who had just finished taking a bath, wanted to sleep with me on my futon.


“Just for a little while, I’ll be back when Yuuya-kun sleeps.”


“You won’t go back, will you?”




“Haa… Please return to your place after a little while, okay?”




Reika-senpai then snuggles into my futon.


“Hey, Yuuya-kun.”


“What is it?”


“I want you to hug me.”


“…… What’s wrong?”


“…… You won’t laugh?”


“Yes, I won’t laugh.”


“It was the first time I was hugged by my mother, or rather my mother-in-law. I had never been hugged like that before, so I was happy. That’s why I’ve come to like being hugged.”


“I see.”


I gently hug her.




“Only five minutes.”


“Um. Yuuya-kun…”


“What is it?”


“I love you.”


“I-I don’t understand.”


“I love you.”


“…I don’t know.”


Reika-senpai hugged me tighter than I hugged her.


I was able to learn something about Reika-senpai, or rather, her situation.


I knew superficial things like her birthday and what she likes to do, but I didn’t know about her family or the intricacies of her life.


Mom or …..


….. I wonder if she’ll be happy?


I gently reached out my hand to Reika-senpai and …..


“Yuya-kun… that’s good.”


“I’m glad”


I hugged Reika and stroked her head with one hand.


I was glad that Reika was pleased with my hug because my sister and mother used to do it for me when I was a child.


“I won’t be able to sleep without Yuya-kun.”


“That’s not good, so I’ll stop”




” Okay, okay.”


“… Mooo. Yuuya-kun’s being mean.”


Then Reika-senpai nuzzled her face against my chest and looked happy.


Then, after five minutes …..


Reika-senpai fell asleep with a relieved look on her face.


Should I wake her up?


But I can’t wake her up if she makes such a pleasant face. …..


Or I could sleep in bed.


Then I gently moved away from Reika-senpai and dove into bed, and soon fell asleep due to exhaustion.


Mmm-hmm. Mmmm…


I open my slightly heavy eyelids and wake up.


Then I saw …..


I found Reika-senpai sleeping comfortably.


……….. Why?


I’m sure we slept separately yesterday.


It’s already morning, I can wake her up and ask her.


“Reika-senpai, Reika-senpai.”






“Nnnn……. Good morning. Yuuya-kun”


“Good morning, Reika-senpai. Why are you sleeping here?”


“Because when I woke up, Yuuya-kun wasn’t here and I felt ……. I was lonely.”




“And also because I genuinely wanted to sleep with you.”


“Is that so?”




My senpai smiled kindly, perhaps because she had just woken up from sleep.


“Yuya-kun, I love that kind of thing.”


“What? What do you mean by that?”


What is it?


…….It’s okay. It’s not like she thinks badly of me.


“I think it’s about time to eat, so let’s get up.”


“Also, would you like to stay with me for a while?”


“..just a little bit.”


“Yeah…….. That’s what I mean.”


“? is that so”


Reika-senpai hugged me and smiled happily.

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