Ch 38

“So, Mom and Dad are going out, so please get along well with each other.”


“I get it.”


” Understood.”


After waking up and eating dinner, Mom and Dad are going out somewhere.


…….. I don’t need to worry about it. We’re not dating.


“Don’t be too loud. If you do, make sure the neighbors don’t hear you.”


“No! We don’t have that kind of relationship! Besides, we live in a house. They can’t hear us.”


“I didn’t say anything about that…”


“Are you in elementary school! ……. Now, if you’re going to go, go.”






“Hmm? What’s wrong, Dad?”


“Put your pants on.”


“Hurry up and get out of here!”


Haa, why do my parents have to say that to me?


“Okay, I’m leaving.”


” See you later.”


“Mother-in-law, father-in-law, take care.”




Then mom and dad finally leave.


I’m so tired.


Kui, Kkui.


Reika-senpai stands tall and whispers in my ear as she tugs on my sleeve.


“I’ll be… anytime. Be gentle to me.”




“But… that kind of thing is after dating.”


Reika-senpai giggles and goes to the living room.


……. That’s why I said I wouldn’t do it.


…….. Phew. I’m going to change my mind and do the dishes.


When I returned to the living room, I found that Reika had done the dishes first.


“Okay, let me do it.”


“I’ll do it. I’m allowed to disturb you at home.”


“……. Well, why don’t we do it together?”


” Huh? Can I?”


“I don’t mind. We’re not newlyweds or anything.


“Yeah. Thanks.”


Then we wash dishes together and take a break.


Now… It’s 9:30.


Both Reika-senpai and I have finished our school assignments, and all we have to do is review them.


… That’s right.


“Reika-senpai, would you like to go outside for a bit?”


“Yeah! …Fufu. I’m so happy. Yuya-kun invited me.”




“Yes. That’s right.”


Reika-senpai is a girl, so she must have something going on, and she is back in her room doing things.


So after about 30 minutes, my senpai came.


“‘Sorry, I’m late.”


“It’s all right. I’m the one who suddenly suggested we go. Also, your hair looks cute on you.”


“Fufu, ehehe. Thanks.”


I think it’s called a ponytail. I don’t know much about it so i don’t know what it’s called.


We left the house and slowly and leisurely proceeded on our way.


“So, where are we going today?”


“Well, you’ll have to wait until we get there.”


“I wonder where you’re taking me to~.”


Senpai takes my hand and looks so happy and joyful that I can almost hear the sound effect.


“But don’t get your hopes up.”


“You don’t need to worry so much.”




“Because I’ll have fun and be thrilled wherever Yuya takes me.”


“I see.”


So we walk for about five minutes, go to the store, and open the wooden door.


“Welcome…. Perhaps you are Yuya?”


“It’s been a while. Saisumi-san.”


Then Saicho-san smiles at me. Saicho-san is the owner of this coffee shop, and he is a man so youthful that you would not be able to tell his age.


This coffee shop has been a favorite of mine for a long time.


I often asked Saicho-san to listen to my stress and dissatisfaction when I was taking exams.


“Long time no see, Yuya. ……. Who is that cute girl over there? Is she Yuya’s girlfriend?”


“Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Reika Satsuki. I’m dating Yuya-kun.”


“I’m not.”


“Haha, it’s nice that you two are getting along so well. So, can you have a seat there?”




“Call me when you’ve decided on your order.”




This place is quiet and calm, coffee tastes good, and I love this place.


But still, ……..


“Why are you sitting next to me?”


“Because I want to sit next to you. ……. Can’t I?”


“……. It’s okay.”


Haa. It can’t be helped. I can’t stop my senpai from doing this.


“Yuya-kun, you used to come here often?”


“Yes, I used to come here a long time ago. He helped me with my entrance examinations and so on.”


“Then, you must be grateful to this cafe.”


“Hmm? Why?”


“Because they helped Yuya pass the exam.”


“Hmm…Did you decide on your order?”




So I ordered a blend, and Reika-senpai ordered a blend and shortcake.


Phew. This scent. It calms me down.


“Mmm. This cake is delicious.”


“It’s good. I’m glad you like it.”


It’s a relief to see my senpai smile happily.


“Yuya-kun, ah”


“Huh? I’m good. Senpai, please eat it.”


“I want you to eat it too, Yuya-kun.”


“I’ve eaten it before.”


“Uuu. Don’t you want me to ahhh so much?”


“Tsk…Senpai is not fair…….. I understand.”


“Fufu. I did it. Here, ah…”




The sweetness of the whipped cream spreads gradually, and the fluffy sponge absorbs it, giving it just the right amount of sweetness.


“Fufu, Yuuya-kun, Yuuya-kun.”


“What is it?”


Senpai blushed a little and fidgeted.


“We kissed indirectly, didn’t we?”


“We… Wait.”


“Yuya, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.”


Then Reika-senpai pats my head.


“……. Reika-senpai is blushing too.”


“Because I’m happy, but also a little embarrassed.”


I pat her head in return.


“Fufu, Yuuya-kun is tickling.”


“It’s revenge.”


“But it feels good, so stay like this for a while.”


“……. Is that so?”




So I continued to pat her head for a little while.

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