Ch 39

“Then I’ll come again.”


“Yeah. Also, Reika-chan is coming too.”


“Yes, thank you”


We spend about an hour in the coffee shop and leave.


“It was delicious”


“It was good”


“Where will you take me next?”


Reika-senpai laughs happily and looks very happy.


“You’ll have to wait and see when we get there.” 


“Fufu. I’m looking forward to it.”


I don’t want her to get her hopes up too high, but the only other place I can think of around here is a place I used to go to in the past.


After walking for about ten minutes, and chatting with each other, we arrived at our destination.


“Here it is.”


“Is this the place where Yuuya-kun used to play?”


“Yes, it is. There was no other place to play but this park.”


I was at a park I used to go to often.


Wow. I missed it.


“Fufu. I know about Yuuya-kun again.”


“There’s nothing to know about me.”


“That’s not true! It’s important for me!”


“I understand. I understand.”


My senpai looks a little angry and stuffy.


“Look. There’s a bench over there, so let’s sit down.”




So we sit on the bench and relax.


“Yuya-kun used to play innocently like that. Haa, I wish I could see Yuya-kun when he was little.”


That’s what Reika-senpai said when she saw an elementary school child playing with playground equipment.


“You were looking at the album with my mom yesterday, weren’t you?”


Yesterday, my mom and I spent the whole time looking at the album.


I was kind of embarrassed, so I quickly went back to my room.


“I’ve seen it, but I want to see you in person! And I want to hug you.”


“You do it all the time.”


“That’s true, but that’s not it. It’s not that I don’t like current Yuya-kun.”


“I didn’t say that.”


“But rather…”




“Because I love you.”


She whispers this in my ear and kisses me lightly on the cheek.


“Hey, Reika-senpai.”


“I’m sorry. I tried to stop, but I couldn’t hold it. You don’t like it. …….?”


My senpai peeks at me with a worried look on her face.


“No, I don’t mind, but …….”


“I’m glad to hear that. I was confident that I would be in bed for a day, or even a week, if you said you didn’t like it right now.”


“If you were that confident, you wouldn’t have said anything…”


“That’s right, but… Like I said earlier, recently I can’t control my feelings for Yuuya-kun, so I’m doing things on my own.”


“Um…I’m sorry?”


“Why are you apologizing?”


Because I didn’t know what to say back.


“Anyway, it’s out of control, so, that’s why.”


“Yes, yes.”


Reika-senpai gently traces my lips


“Before I take this place, I’ll take it from Yuya-kun, okay?”


“Uh… um, that…”


“Then let’s go home. It’s already noon.




My senpai looked straight ahead to hide her slightly red cheeks so that she couldn’t see my face, but I could see them.




I gently took senpai’s hand.


“That kind of thing is when we’re dating, or after we’re dating. Until then, I won’t let you take it away.”


“Huh? Oh, wait a minute.”


I take my senpai’s hand and go home.


I don’t want to feel the blush on my cheeks.

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