Ch 40

A few days have passed since the day I showed Reika-senpai around, and we will be returning the day after tomorrow.


“So, Yu. Tomorrow, go to the festival with Reika-chan.”


“Huh? Does it matter?”


“That’s nice! I want to go with Yuuya-kun.”


Senpai glances at me with a smirk.




“I understand. If it’s okay with Reika-senpai, I’ll go.”




“You did it, Reika. Then, you have to wear the yukata properly.”


“Eh! Do you have a yukata?”


“Yes, we do. There is a yukata that fits you perfectly, Reika-chan.”


My mom and Reika-senpai are having a lot of fun.


I’m sure she couldn’t have this kind of interaction with her mother, and seeing her enjoying herself like this now makes me feel happy.


“Yu, Yuuya-kun. What’s wrong?”


“What is it?”


“Yu. Now you ……”


“I’m sorry, you didn’t like it.”


That’s true too, you wouldn’t want to be stared at so much.


“You were looking at me with those very kind eyes, so…my heart was pounding. I was a little embarrassed. That’s why I don’t mind!”






Senpai looked a little embarrassed, smiled, and held my hand.


“Let’s have fun together. Let’s enjoy the festival.”


“It’s too soon.”


“I can’t wait.”


Senpai giggles and gently squeezes my hand a little tighter.


“Then, please don’t come to the futon today. I always fall asleep late because of that exchange.”


“I don’t like that.”


Senpai shook her head reluctantly and looked up at me.


“Then I guess I won’t be going to the festival tomorrow.”


“No moreee”


“You’ll have to pick one or the other.”


“Uuu. Yuuya-kun’s being mean.”


She is usually a big sister or a can-do person, but at times like this, she is like a grade schooler. Reluctantly, Reika-senpai makes this suggestion.


“Then, shall we take a bath together?”


“Isn’t it getting worse?”


“Then, shall we sleep together?”


“Uuu……. Haa, I understand. Just for a little while, you can sleep with me for a little while.”


“I did it ♪ I love Yuya-kun”




Then it became night and it was time to go to bed, so I wrapped myself in the futon.


“Sorry to bother you…♪”


“…it’s just a little bit.”




Then Reika-senpai hugged me and nuzzled my face into her chest, looking happy.


“Really, it’s just a little bit.”




We ended up sleeping together that night.

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