Ch 41

“Yuya, you have to make a firm decision.”


“Is it necessary?”


“It’s important, something like this.”


We are going to the festival I mentioned yesterday, but my mom is taking care of Reika-senpai and I am being played by my dad, or rather, I am getting my clothes and face done.


My father is one of the coolest guys, so he knows how to style my hair and so on. I think he can do it much better than I can as an amateur.


I remember the first time I had my hair done was when I had my first date with Reika-senpai. I haven’t done it once since then.


It was my first date, so I did a lot of research and was very nervous.


It seemed to end while I was reminiscing about the past.


“Hmm. Well, I guess it’s like this.”




I look in the mirror and see my long hair waxed tightly into an all back, and I probably look better than usual.


As expected of my father, it seems that I am not me.


“This is Yuya’s first girlfriend. We have to make sure we get her. She has a nice face just like my father.”


“You don’t need to worry about it.”


As I was saying that, I heard a voice behind me.


“Oh, here you are.”


I make eye contact with Reika-senpai.




“…… What do you think?”


“It’s beautiful. It looks good on you.”




“Yes, it’s very beautiful. I’m in love with it.”


“Fufu. I did it!”


Her obi was white, her yukata was white with blue goldfish, giving her a calm and mature impression, and her hair was tied up in a bun with a hairpin, the silver chain twirling every time Reika-senpai was pleased.


I can only say that it looks good on her or that she is beautiful, but that’s about all I can say.


To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m the right person to go with.


“Come on, let’s go.”


“Yeah ♪, but wait a minute.”


“What is it?”


Senpai stands tall to my ear and whispers


“I also fell in love with Yuuya-kun because you were even cooler than usual. I was speechless.”


“…Is that so?”


“Yeah ♪ That’s right”


I get embarrassed and leave the house early.


“Okay, I’m leaving.”




My mom was smiling at me, but I ignored her and left the house, and walked about ten minutes to the venue.


The fireworks will start at around 7:00 p.m, about an hour ahead of schedule.


“Reika-senpai, what would you like to eat?”




Senpai looked around,


“I want to eat takoyaki.”




“Hey, mister”




“Two takoyaki, please.”


“One, please.”


“Just one?”




Then Reika-senpai quickly pays for it.


“Senpai, why did you only buy one?”


“It’s a secret.”


She giggles and grabs my hand.


“Don’t stay away… okay?”


“…… I understand. Ah, but I want shaved ice.”


How many years has it been since I’ve had it? I haven’t wanted to eat it in a long time.


What flavor do you like, senpai?”


“Strawberry, then.”


“Okay. Please sit on the bench in the park I told you before.”


“Eh. But I don’t want to leave.”


“It’s all right. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”


Senpai seemed a little uncomfortable walking because of her yukata, and I thought it would be better to take a short break.


Fortunately, the park is close to here.


Besides, I’m also afraid that I don’t know why she only buys one.


So I try to do a quick errand ……


“Hey, you there.”


A little tap on the back.


Hmm? I heard this voice somewhere.


I turn around


“Do you want to watch the fireworks with us?”


……That was Ichika, the person I never wanted to meet for the rest of my life.

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