I.N. Ch.3

Ch 3 Initiation


  “ Damn it. ”

    Upon returning home and entering his room, Yuu was shaken by the scene he witnessed at the park.

   Since elementary school, Yū had encountered Yui through his father and had fallen in love at first sight. He had been supporting Yui’s efforts as a child actor ever since. As time passed and Yui began to be recognized not just as a child actor but as a prominent actress, Yū rejoiced as if it were his own success.

 While Yuu had a close relationship with Yui, he also experienced a sense of superiority as someone close to him becoming famous. As Yui’s feminine charm grew stronger, Yuu began to feel sexual desires towards her.

    Despite having thoughts that Yui would likely accept his confession and not wanting to hinder her as she began to flourish as an actress, Yuu still couldn’t gather the courage to confess his feelings. He didn’t want to become an obstacle in her path.

    And despite not confessing, there were moments when they spent time together and that brought satisfaction to Yuu.

    Even so, the sexual desire did not disappear, and whenever Yui appeared in a magazine even with clothing that is a little revealing, he would buy it and use it as a wank to relieve his horny feelings by rubbing his rod with it.

    Due to work commitments, Yui often had to miss school and found it difficult to make friends. However, Yui’s father, who happened to be a producer, introduced her to Yuu, who was the same age and had a name that differed by just one character. This coincidence pleased Yui’s father, and he arranged for them to meet multiple times, allowing Yui and Yuu to gradually become close friends.

    As a result, Yū became Yui’s closest friend of the opposite sex, and without any basis, Yui firmly believed that she would eventually be in a relationship with Yū. She saw it as a predetermined future, convinced in her belief.

    However, reality turned out to be different. Yui’s heart was captured by a young man named Takuya, whom she met in high school, and before she knew it, they had started dating.

    Still, I didn’t take it too seriously, thinking that it was just a momentary lapse or infatuation. But that all changed when I witnessed what happened at the park.

    After school today, thinking that Takuya would have club activities, Yuu followed Yui, hoping to spend some time with her. However, instead of taking the usual route home, Yui headed towards a empty park, which made Yuu suspicious. He stopped calling out to her and began following her from a hidden spot, almost like a stalker.

    As a result, Yū ended up witnessing the scene where Takuya and Yui kissed. Unconsciously, Yū took a photo of the two of them, who were kissing again with happy expressions. Despite being taken from a hidden spot at a distance, the recent smartphones have good image quality, and the photo turned out to be clear. From the undeniable charm and physique that couldn’t be completely hidden even in disguise, Yū could assert that the majority of people, if not all, would recognize the woman as Yui and the man as Takuya. They were caught in the act of kissing.

    “ Damn it, sh*t! ”

    He opens his favorite page of a magazine with Yui in it, remembers the scene he just saw, and rubs his penis, which is wet with his pre-cum.

    I admonish my penis, which is swollen and painfully protruding like never before, to myself in solitude. Although he feels the futility of such an act, his hand does not stop moving when he thinks of Yui.

    “ I was supposed to be, you know, in a relationship with Yui-chan! ”

    As Yuu reflect on the memories with Yui up until now, an ugly sense of jealousy intensifies, fueling the arousal in his lower half.

    “ Ahhhhh…… ”

    The semen ejaculated from his penis, which had exceeded the limit of his endurance, is caught with a tissue kept nearby.

    “ ……phew… ”

    He became a wise man, and along with his sexual desire, the jealousy and possessiveness that had been dominating his body until now also calmed down. On the other hand, however, a thought came to Yuu’s mind.

    I created a throwaway account and used a randomly generated email address to send the photos I took today to Yui’s email address as an attachment.

    “ That man doesn’t deserve you, Yui-chan. Break up with him and be with me… ”

    Yuu believed that upon seeing this email, Yui would have a change of heart and realize that he, not Takuya, should be the one she dates. He hoped that with a more objective perspective, Yui would come to that realization.

    Yuu believed that he should be the one Yui dates and falls in love with.


    The next day.

    Yui arrived at school in the afternoon, just like yesterday.

    But her expression was gloomy. Her classmates noticed and approached her with concern, asking if she was okay. Yui replied briefly, “I’m fine,” and made her way to her seat.

    “ What is wrong? Are you okay? ”

    While suspecting that it might be about the email, I casually approach her as if I know nothing.

    “ Someya-kun… um…, you see… ”

    As Yui tried to explain the situation, she opened her mouth but couldn’t find the words, silently shaking her head instead.

    “ No, it’s okay. Thank you for your concern… ”, Yuu replies with a faint smile.

    However, Yui’s reluctance to share the incident with her friends could be attributed to not wanting to reveal that she had been caught kissing her boyfriend in a compromising situation. But Yui’s reasons were different in the case of Yuu.

    Yuu had interpreted it in his own way, believing that Yui intended to consult her beloved boyfriend for a solution. Certainly, a romantic partner holds a higher position in terms of their relationship compared to friends. Yet, Yuu couldn’t help but think about Takyua’s face, even though he had spent more time with Yui and had a longer history together.

    Yuu believed that Yui trusted and admired Takuya on her own accord. He thought that Yui had chosen to confide in him because she had faith in their relationship.

    Yuu understood that even if Yui’s choice of Takuya was not just a momentary lapse but a genuine affection, people can change their hearts. And if she didn’t, he thought he should make her change her mind.

    “ I’m sorry for worrying you. But I’ll try my best to handle it on my own as much as possible. If it doesn’t work out, then I’ll consult with someone. ”

    Yuu’s consciousness was focused on his own inner thoughts, and those words didn’t resonate with him.

    During the rest of the class, Yuu thought about how he could capture Yui’s attention. However, no matter how he thought about it, Takuya was more handsome than Yuu, had better athletic ability, excelled in studies, and had a friendly personality. Takuya was not the type to boast about his achievements, and he had many friends as well.

    Realizing that a direct approach might not work, Yuu understood that while he believed he was the one who should be dating Yui, he also acknowledged how Takuya might be perceived by others as a potential romantic partner.

    Yuu, thinking along those lines, decided to be dishonest in his approach.

    Yuu thought to himself that he would be the one to have the last laugh, to possess Yui, and to savor the alluring body that captivated those around him.

    Beside Yui, who had started to use her smartphone as if to regain her composure, Yuu wore a twisted smile. The feeling of loving someone is precious, but at times, it can distort a person. The more attractive the other person is, the less inclined one becomes to let go.

    Yuu first met Yui when they were in sixth grade. Since then, he had continuously watched her and harbored feelings of affection. Over time, these feelings accumulated and grew along with his possessiveness. A mentally mature adult or a young person who had experienced multiple loves might have been able to control such emotions. However, Yuu’s situation was different, as Yui was his first love and she hadn’t experienced any other romantic relationships. This was one of the factors that caused his emotions to become distorted.

    (I am the one who is worthy of Yui, only me. No matter how close they are, I won’t give up on that, Takuya.)


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