I.N. Ch.2

Ch 2 First Kiss

    Takuya’s POV


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    [ Can’t we go home together today? ]


    After the fifth period ended and it was break time, Takuya received a LINE message from Yui on his smartphone.


    I cast a quick glance around to make sure no one noticed, and our eyes met. Yui, who seemed to have been observing my reaction, smiled happily and gave me a gentle smile in return.


    Takuya has been confessed to multiple times due to his appearance and great athletic ability. Among those confessions, there were even some from popular female students. However, compared to those female students, Yui had a completely different level of charm.


    [ It’s okay. ]


    [ Yay! ♪ ]


    In reality, I have club activities, but since I have been taking them seriously so far, I can skip without raising suspicion. It’s still early in our relationship, and Yui is also busy. Even if I indulge myself a little in that aspect, she probably won’t complain.


    [ I’ll be waiting for you at the park near the school after class. ]


    Yuu, Takuya, and Yui are known to be close friends among their classmates. However, if the three of them were to leave the classroom together, it could raise suspicions. It’s not that they don’t trust their classmates, but considering Yui’s situation, it’s not unreasonable to be cautious. A single scandal could drastically change Yui’s life, and even though they are classmates, they want to keep things hidden as much as possible.


    [ Sure ]


    Last week, Takuya confessed to me and asked me to think about it for a while. I gave him my answer two days ago. However, we couldn’t meet each other properly that day due to our schedules, so today is the first time we are seeing each other as an official couple.


    As they finally had some alone time, Takuya felt a sense of fulfillment.




    “ Sorry for making you wait, Takuya-kun. ”


    At the park near the high school, with very few people around due to the declining birthrate, Yui, breathing heavily, approaches Takuya, who was waiting alone.


    Yui is wearing slightly oversized glasses as a disguise and has tied her long hair back into a ponytail using a hairband. She mentions that during the winter, she wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble as she could simply cover her face up to her mouth with a scarf.


    “ No worries, I understand. You were held up by your friends. I thought it would look suspicious if we abruptly ended the conversation, so I went along with it, and that’s why I ended up being late. ”


    “ It’s fine, don’t worry about it. I can wait a little longer for the girl I love. ”


    “ H-Hey, don’t say embarrassing things so casually…… ”


    Caught off guard by the way Takuya looks into her eyes and speaks, Yui can’t help but blush.


    “ Well, it’s different when it’s in real life, you know? It’s still a bit embarrassing for me, even though I’ve been in front of cameras for dramas. ”, Yui responds with a shy smile.


    “ That’s because acting is just a role I play. It’s different when it’s something my boyfriend says to me…… And besides, I didn’t know that you’re the kind of person who would say such things so casually until now, Takuya. ”, Yui replies while blushing.


    Takuya and Yui have been friends since they entered high school. However, they have never used words like “cute” or expressed affection in a joking manner before.


    “ “Until now”, huh? It was because I felt awkward. But now that we’re dating, I think it’s important to properly convey our feelings so that no one takes you away from me. ”


    “ It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m only yours, Takuya-kun. I…… ”


    Taking a few deep breaths to calm my heart, I repeat the same words once again.


    “ I am, only yours, Takuya-kun… Uwaaaah, this is embarrassing! ”


    I have had experiences saying even more embarrassing lines in dramas, but those were just lines written by someone else for a character I didn’t have genuine feelings for. However, the words I just spoke to Takuya are my own true feelings, without being prompted by anyone else.


    As an actress, I may have been able to say those words without feeling as embarrassed, but as a young woman expressing my true feelings, it becomes unavoidably embarrassing. Before I knew it, my face had turned bright red with embarrassment.


    Watching Yui in that state, it becomes apparent that she is not the nationally popular beautiful teenage actress, but just an ordinary seventeen-year-old high school girl. She feels close and dear, reminding me that she is an accessible and relatable presence.


    As I find myself captivated by her appearance, Yui, with flushed cheeks, meets my gaze intently.


    As if being pulled by gravity, the two of them draw closer as they both close their eyes—-.


    Their lips meet with a soft kiss. It’s a gentle touch, almost childlike in its innocence. Though it may seem like a foolish act for high school students if their friends were to find out, for Takuya, who has never had a girlfriend despite being popular, this is his first experience. And to have someone like Yui as his girlfriend, his heart beats intensely, making his chest ache with excitement.


    They savor the soft and pleasant sensation of their meeting lips. However, they can’t linger in that moment forever, and they slowly separate from each other.


    “ Hehe…… We did it, didn’t we? ”


    Blushing and shyly saying so, she giggles. Knowing those smiles and the sensation of their lips touching is a privilege reserved for a boyfriend.


    “ Well, um. How was it? You know, I’m always forbidden from doing kiss scenes in dramas and such. So, I was worried if I did well for my first kiss… if it was good enough. ”


    It’s only natural that in dramas, you can’t see any signs of embarrassment from Yui. However, right now, the person in front of me is just an ordinary girl in love.


    “ Shall we try it again? ”


    Though he said it in a nonchalant manner, all Takuya really wanted was to kiss again.


    “ ……You just want to do it again, don’t you, Takuya-kun? ”


    However, such an approach doesn’t work on Yui, who has witnessed professional acting up close.


    “ …Ah, a-actually, I really want to do it. ”


    “ Nn… ”


    Yui looked happy at the reply and put her lips on Takuya’s.


    “ …………… ”



    That’s a thoughtful decision from Takuya to respect Yui’s feelings and exercise self-restraint. It’s important in a relationship to communicate and understand each other’s boundaries and desires. Taking things slowly and allowing the relationship to develop naturally is a good approach for them to create meaningful experiences together.


    “ Mm…… Hehe, it feels strange, doesn’t it? Just a little while ago, we were just friends, and now there is this different feeling. ”


    “ Yeah…, it does. ”


    The two of them finished their kiss but remained in close proximity, gazing into each other’s eyes.


    “ Well, I mentioned it when I gave you my answer, but there are times when I can’t come to school due to magazine shoots or drama filming. And when we go out together like this, we have to be cautious with disguises and choose places where there aren’t many people around… But are you really okay with that? We probably won’t be able to have regular dates. ”


    “ It’s fine, really. Just being able to be with you, Yui, makes me happy. We can spend time together at our homes if that’s the case. Don’t worry about such things. ”


    “ I’m glad to hear you say that. ”


    “ It does feel like a dream. Having you as my girlfriend, Yui. ”


    In front of him is none other than “that” Yui Hazuki. While Takuya did confess, he didn’t have any assurance or a clear plan when he confessed his feelings. He was prepared for the possibility of being rejected.


    “ Is that so? I’ve liked you for a long time, Takuya. ”


    “ Seriously… I thought you were interested in Yuu. That’s what I had assumed. ”


    “ Someya-kun? We are indeed close, but that’s all. Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other since elementary school that you got the wrong impression. ”


    “ Yes, Yui has liked me for a long time… Just like me. ”


    Saying that we’re the same, Yui’s heart skipped a beat.


    “ Hehehe… Yeah, you’re right. It’s such a wonderful feeling… ”


    In front of her boyfriend, Yui’s face softened, revealing a relaxed and tender expression that she doesn’t usually show.


    “ But it’s our secret, just the two of us… well, including Yuu ”, she added.


    “ Do you want to say it? ”


    “ Well, when you have such a cute girlfriend, it’s natural for guys to want to boast about it to others. But I won’t go around spreading it because it would make you uncomfortable, Yui. ”


    “ I’m sorry…… ”


    “ You don’t have to apologize. Just being with you makes me happy. ”


    “ Thank you… Shall we go home soon? ”


    Smiling at each other, the two of them decided to enjoy their short time together on their way home, turning it into a casual after-school date.


    The “three of them” started walking from the park towards their respective homes.

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