Ch 49

“Natsuki-kun, do your best!”


“Yuya-kun, fight!”


The semi-finals of the ball game tournament finally started in the afternoon at the end of September.


The duo of Natsuki and I have been on a winning streak so far.


Of course, Reika-senpai is also winning well.


But …… I want you to stop telling me to pat you on the head every time you win a match.


It’s embarrassing because everyone’s watching.


The rules are eleven point games except for the finals due to time constraints. Otherwise it is the same.


Natsuki drops the ball at the very edge, and the opponent takes it at the very edge, but he puts the ball firmly in when it goes up.


“11-5, Omine, Kanzaki team victory”






Me and Natsuki exchange high-fives and handshakes.


“Only the final is next, right?”


“Yeah, let’s do it.”


We left the field and were about to take a break when our classmates ran up to us.


“Natsuki and Yuya, good job.”


“Thank you very much.”


“Thank you very much.”


“Yuya-kun’s smash is fast. No matter how many times I see it.”


“Is that so? Thank you very much.”


“Yeah, you’re right. I would be so scared.”


Um… What’s her name again? I’ve seen her before. ……


Um… Hmmm. ……….


She had a short bob and was pretty quiet and seemed to be the center of the class. …….


I don’t remember her name at all because that’s when she suddenly started talking to her classmates.


I mean, I started talking, or rather, they started talking to me more often.


I used to intentionally avoid girls, but now that it’s suddenly more common, I can’t handle it.


I was never much of a girl talker to begin with.


I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to say at a time like this.


I looked at Natsuki to ask for help.


“Yuya wants to talk to Saki as well.”


“Eh? Yuya-kun, do you want to talk to me? 


“Eh, ah…”


Oi. Why are you making the situation worse than before, Natsuki …….


I whispered into his ear.


“This is your punishment for flirting with Reika-senpai.”


“What kind of punishment?”


“Hmm? What are you whispering about? Count me in too.”


“Me too.”


More and more of them came. Natsuki and I were surrounded by them.


“Yuya-kun, do you have a girlfriend?”


“Of course he has a girlfriend, Reika-senpai.”


“What? But Natsuki said they’re not dating yet.”


“So you don’t have a girlfriend?”


“Well, now…”


“It’s me.”


Reika-senpai hugs me from behind as I sit down.


“Reika-senpai, are you finished? Besides, I might smell sweaty, so I don’t think you should hug me.”


In the meantime, I’ve been blowing on some sweat wipes that don’t smell too bad…… I don’t want the person I love to think I stink.


“I’m fine. Yuya-kun always smells so good. Am I okay too?”


“Totally fine. This ….. Reika-senpai smells good too.”


“I’m glad to hear that. Besides, I’ll make it to the finals if I win well.”


Reika-senpai smiles carefree.




“Yes, yes.”


Senpai gives me a pleading look, and I pat her as gently as I can.


“Hey, I think you guys are dating, right? I mean, it feels like you’re married.”


“That’s right. I think so too, but Yuya says we’re not.”


“We’re not dating yet.”




“What is it?”


“Nothing. It’s nothing.”


Natsuki’s annoying glances,


“I want to talk to Yuuya-kun as well.”


“Okay, okay.”


Senpai’s cheeks puffed up a bit and she interrupted the conversation.


We took our time until the next match.

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