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Ball game tournament, badminton final match.


The opponent is an active badminton player, so the game is even.


We’re a bit behind at 15-17.


A slightly sweet floating ball is returned mercilessly.




“Leave it to me!”


Natsuki takes it just in time, but it floats a bit too high and the opponent hits a smash.


But I know that Natsuki will be forced to move and hit in the open space, so I move quickly and manage to score a point by countering just short of the net, which is as far as I can go.




“Nice! Yuya”




I’m one point behind, but I can’t use this move anymore.


I don’t know what to do. Besides, I have the feeling that I want to win quickly and cheer for Reika-senpai.


I take a deep breath and concentrate on what’s in front of me.


I will definitely win!




“Phew, haa, haa”




“27-25. Omine and Kanzaki win.”






Natsuki and I high-five each other with all our might.


My hands tingle a little, but that’s okay for now.


We walked off the field and my classmates, who had been watching us, came running up to us.


“Congratulations, Yuuya-kun, you were very cool.”


“Thank you.”


“Natsuki, you’re good.”


“Yes, yes. Thank you.”


“You’re not honest.”


Everyone is celebrating us. I am really happy. But I’m more worried about Reika-senpai.


“Natsuki. Natsuki.”




“I’m going to cheer for Reika-senpai.”


“Eh? Oh.”


However, it is three courts away.


The school here is quite well equipped and the gym is quite large.


However, there was a small crowd on the third court.


Probably people looking for Reika-senpai.


I felt a little confused and irritated, so I left early.


Then, a little closer, I noticed something different.


When I looked, I saw a fierce attack. The opponent was ….. Ichika. The score is 19 to 17. Reika-senpai is losing.


………. I think this woman played badminton and went to the prefectural tournament.






A smash from Ichika hits the very edge of the line and scores a point.


Oh no, Reika-senpai is going to lose. I don’t want her to lose. I really want her to win.


I know she’s been practicing hard after school lately. I want her to be rewarded for it.


I cheered so loudly that I was even surprised at myself.


“Do your best! Reika-senpai!”


Then she turns to me with a slightly surprised look on her face and smiles, as if to say, “Leave it to me.”


Then …… 




“Do your best! Reika-senpai!”


The voice sounds very familiar. It reaches my ears.


I was a little surprised. Partly because I thought Yuya-kun was still doing it, but mostly because I knew that Yuya-kun was cheering for me so loudly.


I was happy, but a bit embarrassed.


I regained my spirits, gripped my racket tightly, replied to Yuya-kun, and looked forward.


The opponent is, above all, Ichika.


I don’t like her. I hate her very much.


Above all, I have an important promise.


I will definitely win. For Yuya’s sake.


“27-25. Victory of Reika Kisaragi”






I managed to take the match to deuce and win it. To be honest, I thought I was going to lose, but Yuya-kun’s power is amazing. My tiredness was gone in an instant.


My cheeks were flushed as I remembered how much Yuuya-kun had cheered for me earlier.


…… Ah, no, no. After the game is over, I go to Ichika’s place.


“Keep your promise.”


“…… will do.”




Ichika goes to Yuya-kun, says something and walks out of the gym with a sour face.


Ichika and I made a promise.


That is, if I win, she has to stay away from Yuya-kun as much as possible. Also, to apologize to Yuya-l-kun.


If I lose, ………. I didn’t lose, so I don’t have to think about it.


“Reika-senpai! Congratulations! Also, that girl suddenly apologized to me. It was Reika-senpai, wasn’t it?”


Yuya-kun stares at me as if he wants to find out my true intentions. His eyes are kind of anxious, but also a little angry.


“Um… Haha. Besides, Yuya-kun won the championship too, so what will he do to me? I won the championship too, so what should I ask Yuya-kun to do?”


“Haa… as much as possible, please.”


Yuya-kun says such things with a dazed, slightly sad look in his eyes. 


“Well, maybe I’ll ask you on my way home today…”


“I… Okay.”


What should I ask you? My head was full of accomplishments and things like that.

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