D.F. Ch.4

Ch 4 Revamp Stream Part 1

Two days have passed since I talked with Mane-san about the improvement plan. It seems that the issue was properly brought up in the management meeting, and I was informed of the response today.


“It’s really a blessing to be allowed to do things freely.”


—It sounds interesting, so please do it. I thought they might object, but surprisingly the management seems to be on board.


“…Well, I’m sure they have other thoughts aside from just being on board.”


Are they simply giving me the green light because the proposed plan seems profitable? Or are they giving me the freedom as a successor, thinking of the “him” they couldn’t produce before? …It’s not something I should delve into.


Anyway, now that we have permission, there’s no need to hold back. I’ve finished all the necessary preparations and equipment checks, so all that’s left is to start the stream.




With that, we began. I clicked on the start streaming button, and the BGM I had prepared started playing. At the same time, the chat started to get a little more lively.


: Oh, it’s started

: Hi there

: I heard it’s a new project


The number of concurrent viewers is 23. This is a disappointing number compared to famous streamers, and even as a corporate effort, it’s not a very impressive number.


“Hello everyone, good evening. I’m Yamagami Botan, a super hunter affiliated with Denjilas.”


: Good evening

: Good evening

: Good evening


At first glance, it seems that the usual crowd has come to the stream. The main fan base of Yamagami Botan includes those who understand the management’s policy and those who support him in adversity.


It’s really appreciated. It’s true that the people who reach out a helping hand during difficult times are the ones you can trust, and their presence here, taking the trouble to appear on this live stream, will serve as a guiding principle for continuing our activities.


…However, that alone is not enough in reality. It’s a sad fact, but precisely because only a small number of sincere fans cannot bring in any profit as a company, we have to take the gamble here.


“Alright. As for today’s stream, as I already announced on Tweetter, we’re going to do a new project… Well, to be honest, it’s a makeover”


: Yes

: Oh, it’s a reorganisation…

: Well, considering the circumstances, there’s nothing to be done

: I think Yamagami is doing their best!

: After that incident, some antis were purged, but there are still many coming out…

: It’s quite a stressful situation for both the management and us.


“That’s right. It’s not good to bring up things related to numbers as a topic, and I feel bad for everyone who supports us. But as a business, we have to think about revenue.”


Despite the situation, the atmosphere doesn’t seem to have soured even though the conversation has become quite explicit. Of course, there may be those who don’t appreciate it, but we’ll pretend not to notice that for now.


“So, about the new plan for improvement. Specifically, I was thinking about doing a cooking stream.”



︰Cooking? Is Yamagami a cooking guy?


︰I had a feeling the sound was different today, is Yamagami in the Yamagami Kitchen by any chance?

︰Is that going to be the improvement?


The content of the improvement plan is revealed, and question marks flood the comments section. As expected, the reactions are skeptical. Even as a third party, I myself would be puzzled.


“Oh, there are sharp people here. That’s right. I’m currently in the kitchen. …If you ask if cooking will be the fix, I think it probably will. Food porn is a strong content. And above all, if you see this, your opinion might change a bit. …So, here we go!”


As the lines were spoken, the screen changed. The camera footage set up in the kitchen was shown on the live stream.


︰What is that!?

︰It’s huge!?

︰Wait, what is that!?

︰Is that a crab or some kind of scissors? No way, right?

︰It’s too big!


The comment section is buzzing with activity. This reaction is also expected. After all, the ingredients prepared are beyond the common sense of ordinary people.


The item on the bat is a pair of scissors. It’s one of the claws found on crustaceans like shrimp and crabs. It’s a specialised part developed for grabbing prey, and underneath the shell, there is an appropriate amount of muscle and, well, delicious meat.


──That would be fine if it ended there. The problem is that the claw alone is as big as a medium-sized dog.


“Here it is, this is our ingredient for today. As you can see, it’s not your typical ingredient. It’s what we call a ‘dungeon ingredient’!”


︰Dungeon ingredients!

︰You prepared something amazing again.

︰Are the ingredients taken from the dungeon really this ridiculous?

︰Dungeon ingredients are like super high-end items. Yamagami-san, how were you able to prepare something like this?

︰It seems like they are serious about this tekoire thing. But it feels like they might have gone too far…


“Oh, there seem to be some people who misunderstood, so let me clarify. I didn’t buy this. I actually went and got it myself. My main job is a hunter, or rather an explorer.”


At this point, I’ll drop some information. It’s not ideal for a streamer to share real-life information, but I have obtained permission.


It’s definitely more impactful to declare that you’ve procured the ingredients on your own rather than relying on money to prepare them.



︰I knew he had a hunter setting, but is Yamagami-san really a professional hunter!?

︰Moreover, at the professional level… It’s not the same as doing it as a part-time job.

︰He must have some savings to be able to afford all this streaming equipment, and maybe he’s making quite a bit of money as an explorer?

︰No, I think he’s on the earning side. As evidence, his kitchen looks quite luxurious.

︰Oh, he’s for real. As far as I can see, this is a pretty decent kitchen, isn’t it?


Okay, okay, okay. The atmosphere isn’t bad. I feel a good sense of progress, and the flow of comments is gradually picking up.


Clear impact is indeed important. It can be much more effective in capturing listeners’ attention than relying on mediocre talk skills that are no different from amateurs.


“I think if we cook this, add some explanations here and there, and eat the cooked food in a delicious way, it could be a pretty interesting live stream. What do you think?”


︰It would definitely be interesting.

︰I think it looks like a lot of fun.

︰Honestly, I want to see it soon.

︰Cooking with high-end ingredients or rare delicacies has significant demand. I think it’s a good idea.

︰Why haven’t they done this before?


“Seems like it’s been pretty well received… Ah, the reason I hadn’t tried this until now is that it’s somewhat closer to real-life content. I didn’t want any emotional responses or anything, so I held back until the last minute. If it seems like it’ll do well just doing things normally, there’s no need to go to extreme measures, right?”


Well, in the end, there was no other choice but to resort to an unusual plan. Once you’re backed into a corner, there’s nothing left to do but push forward, even if it means being prepared for criticism.


“So, let’s start cooking. I’ll show you some serious food porn that everyone can enjoy and be fascinated by!”

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