IBDOW Ch.52 – Reika’s past

Ch 52 Reika’s past

Since I entered elementary school, boys started confessing their love to me and telling me that I was cute and pretty.


It became clear to me when I entered junior high school.


Many strangers confessed their feelings for me.


“I like this about you” or “You’re cute and pretty here.” There were also people who said things like “I’ll make you my girlfriend” in a condescending tone.


That continued for a while. What do they know about me? What do they understand? They don’t know anything. They only look at me on the surface. They don’t understand me at all. I thought about various things, and then gradually, I became to hate or dislike boys. Of course, I started to avoid them.


This continued even after I entered high school.


Around that time, I met Ichika.


At that time, we were in the same class, but we weren’t close. Ichika was the center of the girls in the class.


Even after entering high school, I was still being confessed to and rejected everything. This made the girls resentful of me.


Among them, Ichika’s resentment was the worst. When I walked by her, she would say things like: “You’re getting on my nerves,” or: “You’re ugly, you know.” She didn’t say anything directly because I was popular with boys. She acted differently in front of boys.


With all that going on, it was still happening when I entered high school.

Then one day, around June, Ichika said something like this while she was being sarcastic as usual


“I’m cuter than that girl. After all, there is a guy who come to high school chasing after me.”


“Really? What kind of kid? A handsome one?”


“His name is Yuya Omine……”


“Eh? He’s just an ordinary kid. His hair is pretty long, isn’t it? It’s hanging over his eyes.”


“This kid sends me LINE messages every day. Well, I just reply casually.”


“Pfft. What a casual reply. That’s funny.”


“That’s because it’s too much trouble.”


That was the first time I heard Yuya-kun’s name and thought that it was a shame that someone would fall in love with someone like her. I felt sorry for him.


And then time passed until summer vacation began. There was a school explanation meeting and I was asked by a teacher to help out. At that time, Ichika and the others were there, pointing at Yuya-kun from the shadows, talking about something, and laughing from time to time.


That was the first time I saw Yuya-kun’s face. At first glance, he looked like an ordinary boy with a dark look.


The next day, I went to the library to study, and there I met Yuya-kun again. I mean, I only saw one side of him.


Yuya-kun was seriously working on his problem books, and I felt sorry for him. For Ichika’s sake. At the same time, I was interested in him.


After that, I went to the library for a few days and noticed that Yuya-kun came every day. I don’t know if it was out of curiosity or just for fun, but I watched Yuya-kun.


Yuya-kun worked hard on his problem books. Yuya-kun helped a little girl who was crying in the library. Yuya-kun helped his grandmother with her heavy luggage on her way home.


I saw many kinds of Yuya-kun.


I watched him, and before I knew it, going to the library had become my daily routine, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Yuya-kun. Even though I didn’t like boys.


Those days went on, and I think it was the last day of summer vacation.


On my way home, I quietly followed a boy who was crying because he was separated from his parents, and as usual, Yuya-kun walked up to him and talked to him without hesitation.


Then the boy calmed down a bit, and gradually I could see a smile on his face, and Yuya-kun also smiled relievedly and when I saw his face suddenly my face became hot and my heartbeat became faster. So I ran home hiding my flushed cheeks.


From the next day on, Yuya-kun was all I could think about. School started today, but I wondered if he would come to the library. Or, at any moment, Yuya-kun’s face would appear in my mind and my face would turn red. At that time, I began to see Yuya-kun as very cool in my eyes.


This went on for a few days, and on Saturday I was so happy to find Yuya-kun that I was so happy all by myself.


Then one day.

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