I.N. Ch.4

Ch 4 Consultation


  After school.

    Takuya had received a message from Yui asking if they could meet during the short period of time before club activities began.

    Takuya was waiting in that small, secluded space behind the gymnasium to meet Yui. It was an unpopular area with little foot traffic.

    “ Ah, Takuya-kun. Sorry for making you wait ”, said Yui with an apologetic tone.

    Yui arrived late, looking around anxiously and being mindful of others around her. It seemed like she had been approached by friends and couldn’t decline their conversation. This side of Yui, who wanted to enjoy her high school life while pursuing her acting career, was something Takuya liked. He didn’t mind waiting because he appreciated her diligent and earnest nature.

    “ Don’t worry about it. So, what did you want to talk about? You’ve been acting strange since you came to school, is it related to that? ”

    Takuya was asked by Yui if he could make time after school because she had something she wanted to talk about, but he didn’t know the details yet. He thought that the fact she wanted to meet and talk in person instead of discussing it over their phones meant it was probably something significant, but he still didn’t know what it was.

    “ …… Yesterday, I received this email from an unknown address. ”

    She hesitated for a moment, but considering that it could potentially cause trouble for Takuya as well, she decided to show him the email she received yesterday.

    “ What’s this?… ”

    “ I’m sorry, I should have been more careful yesterday. I didn’t consider the possibility of someone else being around. ”

    “ It’s not something you should apologize for, Yui. Even I got carried away and didn’t think about such things. ”

    “ Oh…, I see. ”

    Both Yui and Takuya are popular and have their fair share of admirers, but this is their first time actually being in a relationship. They are both caught up in the moment of their first kiss and don’t have the capacity to pay attention to their surroundings. Yui can’t help but blush at Takuya’s words.

    “ I wonder what the person who sent this photo intended to do with it. ”, Takuya remarks.

    “ Maybe they can’t stand the idea of me being in a relationship with someone else. ”, Yui speculates.

    Yui had once been suspected of having a relationship with a fellow actor with whom she had worked in the past. It was a complete misunderstanding and was quickly resolved, but at that time, the topic became a hot topic on social media, causing a lot of uproar and controversy.

    Since then, Yui has been trying to avoid situations that could potentially lead to such misunderstandings. She has been cautious about her interactions and relationships to prevent any further speculation or false rumors.

    Yui didn’t have the luxury of being cautious about her surroundings during the time when she was excited about having her first boyfriend and experiencing her first kiss. The moment caught her off guard, and she wasn’t able to be vigilant about the reactions of those around her.

    “ Can you tell who took this photo? ”

    “ I don’t know. But I think it’s someone from the same school. ”

    That park is located a little distance away from the residential area. It used to have some visitors in the past, but now it’s not as popular. If there is a possibility of someone visiting, it would probably be students from Hoshimiya High School killing time. Also, the number of people who have Yui’s contact information is limited.

    Yui believes she understands how she is perceived by those around her. However, she also believes that as a typical high school girl, she should have the freedom to experience love. Falling for someone is an uncontrollable emotion, and she believes that following those feelings is more healthy than suppressing them.

    “ Yeah, I know. I don’t want to think that someone like that exists in the same school… ”

    “ I understand your feelings, but… ”

    Given Yui’s level of fame, it wouldn’t be surprising if she had experienced some form of bullying or harassment. However, she has been fortunate enough to have encountered only kind-hearted individuals thus far, and her remarkable appearance might deter others from approaching her inappropriately. As a result, she hasn’t had any experiences of being mistreated.

    Indeed, Yui’s belief in the inherent goodness of people has shaped her perspective. Therefore, receiving the email was a significant shock to her. It goes against her expectation of kindness and raises doubts about the intentions and character of the sender.

    “ I shouldn’t have done something like that outside. ”

    I regret being driven by impulse, being drawn to Yui’s charm, and kissing her, leading to this situation.

    However, upon hearing those words, Yui frowned in dissatisfaction.

    “ Yesterday, well… I admit that there was a certain atmosphere and momentum that led me to do it too… But, I don’t regret it and I still wanted to kiss you, Takuya-kun. In that moment, I felt incredibly happy and joyful. Wasn’t it the same for you? ”

    Yui looks up at Takuya with a worried expression, their height difference causing Yui to be slightly shorter when they stand together. It’s a natural occurrence, but it reminds Takuya of yesterday. Come to think of it, when they kissed, Takuya didn’t have to bend down. That means Yui willingly went up on tiptoes and initiated the kiss.

    “ It’s my bad, I didn’t mean it that way and ended up causing a misunderstanding. I feel the same as you, Yui. …I mean, your lips were so incredibly soft, and I couldn’t help but think that I wanted to kiss you more. It made me really happy to think that you’re truly my girlfriend. ”

    It’s so embarrassing that my face feels like it’s on fire, but Takuya, looking directly into the eyes of the girl who had shown courage first, speaks with sincerity.

    “ …Hehe, really? I’m glad you feel the same way, Takuya-kun. Nfu… ”, 

    Naturally, a smile graces her face, and Yui’s expression becomes blissful. If we were to add a sound effect, it would be something like ‘hanyaaa~’.

    “ That’s right. Don’t worry about it. We’re dating, so kissing is perfectly normal. ”, Yui reassures him.

    “ Hehe, even if you say it’s normal while blushing, it’s still embarrassing. ”, Yui responds with a playful smile.

    “ I can’t help it, you know! …Because I wanted my first time to be with someone I love, I refused any acting roles that involved a first kiss until now. ”, Yui explains.

    “ Then, from now on, if there are scenes in filming that require a kiss, are you saying you’ll do it? ”

    Whether it’s acting or not, I don’t want my lover to kiss someone else. Maybe adults can rationalize it, but as high schoolers, we’re still young and can be considered children.

    “ I actually intended to do that, but… but it says in your face that you don’t want me to do such a thing, so I won’t do it anymore. I will only kiss you, Takuya. Oh, gosh, I just said something really embarrassing. ”

    “ Haha, well, I’m glad it cheered you up in any case. ”

    Gently stroking Yui’s blushing cheeks, I let out a soft sigh.

    “ You’re definitely cuter when you’re smiling and full of energy, Yui. ”

    “ Aw, come on! But really, thank you, Takuya… Hey, can I change the way I address you a little? ”

    “ It’s fine, but why? ”

    “ I guess it’s because we finally started dating, so I wanted to change things up a bit. Since we can’t openly show our relationship, I thought maybe a change in how we address each other would be nice… ”

    Yui urges them to have something obvious as a prove that they are in a relationship.

    “ If we suddenly change how we address each other, won’t it be noticeable. ”

    “ If it’s something like calling each other by our first names, some people might notice, but maybe a nickname would be fine. ”

    “ What kind of nickname? ”

    “ Tak-kun?… ”

    “ Well, I guess it’s fine. Should I change how I address you too? ”

    I feel like it’s a bit childish, but if Yui likes it, I’ve decided to tolerate it.

    “ No, I actually find it quite nice to be called by my first name, so I’d prefer if you keep it that way. ”

    “ Got it. Well, I should head to club activities soon. If anything comes up, make sure to contact me right away. ”

    I still want to be with Yui, but I can’t stay any longer. I have club activities waiting for me, even though I feel worried.

    “ Yeah. Thank you so much today, Takkun! Good luck with your club activities. ”

    “ Yeah. You take care too, Yui. ”

    They waved goodbye to each other with a hint of reluctance, parting ways.


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