IBDOW Ch.53 – Reika’s past 2

Ch 53 Reika’s past 2

I came to school as usual, opened my shoebox and found a letter.


It’s very classic, but I can count on my fingers the number of people who have my LIKE account. I guess it can’t be helped.


Sigh. Not again. I know it’s a favor, but I hope you’ll forgive me for finding it annoying when it happens over and over again.


I checked the contents of the letter, and to sum it up, he wants me to come to the courtyard after school. The name says it’s a boy, and I think I’ve seen that name somewhere before.


……. I can’t remember. All I remember about ……… is… that Yuya-kun’s face, smiling with relief.


Uu. Uuu~~. Yuya-kun. ……


It’s not good. Just thinking about it makes my head kind of fuzzy. My face gets hot and my face gets sloppy.


After all, I’m still thinking about him …….


I’m not going to stop here, I’m in the way. Let’s go to the classroom.


I’m a little gloomy. I feel a little guilty after rejecting his confession, and most of all, it would be annoying if the information leaks out from somewhere and gets back to Ichika. I don’t mind that, but I don’t like the idea of getting involved in a stingy way.


I walk down the corridor and go to the courtyard. Then I saw a boy with a face that even from my point of view was well formed.


……. Ah, I remember. This guy is a sophomore and is said to be the most popular guy in this school.


“I’m sorry. I’m late.”


“That’s okay.”


He laughs without giving in.


“Uh, Reika-san?”




“I like you. Please go out with me.”


“I’m sorry.”




I know he’s not a bad guy. But I still have a hard time with men, that’s for sure. There is one exception, though…….


“May I ask why?”


“Because I have someone I love.”


So far, I’ve been answering randomly, but now I’m at …….


I remember a face. I notice the corners of my mouth turn up a little and I smile a little.


“Then I’m sorry. Excuse me.”


I left the place.


The next day, after school.


“Is it true that you rejected Kento-kun?”


“That’s right. Could it be, Ichika, that you liked him?”




Ichika comes closer and stares at me.


I can only send her cold, cold eyes. Only sad eyes….


Maybe because of that, Ichika yells at me as if she is damned.


“Why is it always you? I’m prettier, prettier, prettier than you, than you, than you …..!!”




“I hate you. I’ll never forgive you.”


She looked at me and walked out of the classroom.


From the next day on, not a single girl came near me. The only ones who talked to me were Yuka and those who had been my friends for a while.


It was probably Ichika. She probably used her power as a high caste person to the fullest.


However, no violence was used. It’s just that I was treated like air.









I take a deep breath and interrupt the conversation.


“And then Ichika got a boyfriend, and even if Yuuya-kun came to this school, I knew it would only bring him bad luck, but I didn’t tell him about it…”


I pretended not to see it. Maybe it was because somewhere in the back of my mind I thought I could spend my school life with Yuya-kun. Maybe I thought that.


“Besides, I was so hated by that girl that even Yuya-kun could be harmed …….”


Finally, I lifted my head and looked at Yuya-kun’s face.

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