THOS Ch.15

Ch.15 Nicola Lilac – The Second Princess

“I apologize for keeping you waiting, Nicola-sama.”

Upon entering the guest room, Phil bows his head immediately.

It was an unexpected visit that was not on the schedule. It couldn’t be helped that he was late – but if that was all, it would have been easy to deal with. However, the person he was meeting was a member of the royal family, who was respected by all the nobles.

Furthermore, the reason for his lateness was that there was a discussion at the entrance. It was only natural for him to apologize for that as a matter of course.

“(I haven’t been making any despicable remarks lately… Have I changed my image? Who was it that made the disgraceful son change his image)?”

It’s not so much a change in image as it is a problem with the current situation where respectable people keep coming. In any case, since they are coming because of his own actions, it will ultimately be his own fault.

“No, please don’t worry about it… ‘Hero of the Shadows’.”

With peach-colored hair tied only on the sides swaying, Nicola smiled slowly.

Her elegant posture, her curvy figure standing out from the black dress that shone like the night sky, and her beautiful face with emerald-colored eyes at the center.

One could find countless words to describe her beauty.

She was a girl who could be called a beauty princess in the literal sense, and she directed a smile at Phil that could make one feel lost in admiration.

For an ordinary person, their heart would have raced, and they might have thought, “Huh? This pounding of my chest… Could it be!?”.


“I understand that you are too busy to respond to my letter.”


The words that followed would only be sarcasm strong enough to make his cheeks twitch.

“(This is definitely a preemptive strike. A jab has hit Phil’s heart…)”

“(I wonder if the next one will be a straight punch? If i don’t attack, my fragile heart will be knocked down.)”

“(I’ll be careful not to be taken down…)”

He distracts himself by communicating through eye contact with Kahlua next to him.

Every time, he can’t help but think that the ability to communicate through eye contact is amazing. It’s no wonder they call each other “partners.”

“And you are–”

I-I’m Milis Aramirea! Nice to meet you!

“Hehe, the rumored Saint Lady. You really came here, didn’t you?”

How much information do they have?

At this point, all that can be determined is that the Saint has arrived as planned, and that Phil is the “Hero of the Shadows.” Phil is not particularly skilled at probing, so he felt a sense of melancholy, but he sat down in time with Nicola.

“That reminds me, Kahlua… it’s been a while.”

“Yeah, it has.”

Without any formality, Kahlua responds in her usual manner. The fact that there is no issue with her attitude reveals how close the two of them are.

“I had heard, but… you really seem to be working as a maid.”

“Yes, it’s surprising, isn’t it?”

“Of course… Kahlua Scarlet, a daughter of a duke, serving under a man. Not only me, but anyone would be surprised. Do you know? In the social circles, your disappearance is still being talked about?”


Kahlua falls silent at Nicola’s words.

(Well, it’s no wonder it caused a stir when it suddenly became known that a daughter of the Scarlet Duke’s family was serving a single man…)

He thinks so, because it’s not something that would normally be considered.

“That being said, there is no problem since both of my parents approved of it, even if it caused a stir. Besides, no one else can understand these feelings, so I’m sure-“

“Hehe, that’s right. Well then, let’s save that discussion for another tea party invitation another time.”

Nicola cut off the conversation and turned his gaze to Phil. It looked like that of a carnivorous predator hunting its prey. However, Phil didn’t flinch and switched his focus to the matter at hand.

“So, Nicola-sama. What is the purpose of your visit this time?”

“It’s the same as the contents of the letter.”

“I see.”

Although Phil appears to have understood and accepted the situation, in reality, he had not read the letter because he remained firm in his decision to “leave it alone.”

He is aware of the order to go to the castle, but he has no idea what the purpose is or why he is being sent there. Since he has not opened the envelope, Phil, who is neither a mentalist nor a psychic, has no way of knowing. In other words, he has no idea what the letter said.

“(I heard that there’s going to be a celebration for the Crown Prince’s birthday soon.)”

“(So basically, they want me to attend? Hmph… If that’s all, then there’s no need for them to send a letter. Father should have just told me directly. Maybe he was planning to mention it later, but forgot? Ugh, get it together, Father.)”

“(I don’t think I would appreciate being put in the same category as Phil, though.)”

“(What are you talking about? What parent wouldn’t be pleased to have their child treated the same, even if they’re called a ‘scumbag’? It seems like worldwide, it’s a common understanding that children are the most valuable asset.)”

As an Earl’s family member, it would be natural for Phil to be invited to the Crown Prince’s birthday party, even if he didn’t receive a direct invitation from the royal family. Therefore, there was a slight sense of discomfort with the idea of being summoned for it.

“Of course, I will attend. As a noble, I cannot help but celebrate the birth of the future king whom I will serve.”

“Oh, it’s such a pleasure to have the ‘Shadow Hero’ celebrate with us. My brother may feel a little envious. “

“Hahaha, you jest. It’s only natural for a noble to do so.”

Phil emphasized the word “nobleman.”

As can be felt from the various parts of the conversation, Princess Nicola is starting the conversation with the premise that Phil is the “Shadow Hero.”

If they were to continue the conversation like this, it would be impossible to conceal the fact that the “Shadow Hero” is none other than Phil Salemabert.

(If that happens, I won’t know what they’ll do to me at the party. If the Queen hears Nicola’s opinion, I might get a free ticket to become a carriage horse.)

To avoid that, it’s necessary to make sure that their perception of him changes with this visit.

And for that to happen───

(The timing of when Milis will cover for me is crucial…! If there’s an opportunity, I can also throw a maximum right straight! I’ll get to see Nicola knocked down!)

Phil sent a passionate gaze to Milis who was standing next to him.

The words he conveyed were, “I’m counting on you!”

Milis, taken aback for a moment, quickly understood the meaning conveyed by Phil’s eyes, and responded with a small thumbs up.


“What is it, Saintess?”

“Please listen!”

And then───”

“Phil-sama is definitely, definitely not the ‘Shadow Hero’! It was my mistake! It’s absolutely not true!”

She said so without any context.

“(Are you kidding me???)”

“(It’s very unnatural. Even Nicola-sama ‘s eyes have become two beautiful dots.)”

Only Phil and Kahlua are capable of conversing through eye contact

Milis had a cute smile with a sense of accomplishment as she proudly puffed out her chest, saying, “I told her!”

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