THOS Ch.16

Ch.16.The saintess is bad at lying

It is not necessarily true that all individuals who are affiliated with a church are virtuous.

The same goes for the previous attacker. Some people have malice in their hearts and do such evil things.

Despite this reality, it is an inevitable aspect of human nature.

 If an organization exclusively comprises individuals who are morally upright, it would resemble a cult rather than a religious group.

As long as people are human, even those who have faith will still possess human characteristics. They experience joys and sorrows, conceal their desires from others, and exhibit traits that are typical of human life.

They may tell lies, entertain bad thoughts, and may not live their entire lives with pure intentions. That’s simply because they are human.

However, it is a fact that many people who strive to be virtuous and pure are members of the church.

For instance, there is a saintess standing next to Phil. Despite being human, she has been bestowed with the grace of the goddess, and uses her gift of healing to save people.

Her healing powers are so formidable that they are said to surpass even those of specialized healers. The young girl who has been given such tremendous power always thinks this way:

‘I have been granted the power to save someone by the goddess. So I will save someone. I will help those who are in trouble. Since I am saving those who are in need, I must not cause them any trouble.’

This very thought constitutes her pure, honest, and innocent character.

However, if someone were to ask if she has ever told a lie before, she would likely answer ‘no’.

Returning to the original topic, the saintess is, after all, a human being, and therefore capable of lying.

However, throughout her life, she has not had many opportunities to lie.

In other words… It can be said that she is not accustomed to lying!!!

“(Ah…it’s over. Come to think of it, it’s not good to expect a saintess to be involved in scheming and such. It’s like taking an innocent child to a gamble. It’s a quick way to lose all your money.)”

“(…Sorry, I also forgot about that.)”

Phil looks up at the ceiling once again.

She was trying to be helpful in her own way, so she couldn’t blame her.

The one to blame was herself – it was clearly a mistake in personnel selection.

It was like sending a civilian to the front lines of a fierce battlefield, a catastrophic error in judgment.

“Is that so?”

Nicola smiled and quickly broke into a grin.

To Phil, that smile looked like that of a wild animal that had found its prey.


“Y-y-y-y-y-yes, that’s right!”

Oh, no.

Phil finally covered his face with both of his hands.

“Phil, Phil-sama is not the ‘Shadow Hero’! He didn’t help me, he doesn’t have black clothes or a mask, and he didn’t show me the magic that the ‘Shadow Hero’ used right in front of me!”

“I see, so Phil-sama helped the Saintess, has black clothes and a mask, and showed you the magic that the ‘Shadow Hero’ used right in front of you… Is that what you’re saying?”

“N-No, that’s not it! There are other things–“

“Stop it! It’s not a good idea to dig your own grave any further!”

Phil hurriedly covered Milis’ mouth. She had been determined to cover up the situation, but she was on the verge of tears because she was in a situation that she could not completely cover up.
Hehe, I was thinking of finding a way to confirm whether or not Phil-sama is the rumored ‘Shadow Hero’…but I’m relieved now”

“Um…may I ask what you are relieved about?”

“I can report good news to my father.”

“Kahlua! I’m preparing to run away from home right now! I’m abandoning the name Salemabert!”

“Calm down, you might still end up being made into a laughing stock, so you never know.”

Kahlua grabbed Phil by the nape of his neck as he tried to run out of the room.

There was no despair on Kahlua’s face, but rather a mixture of exasperation and resignation, as if she were a master dealing with an unruly pet.

“I see, isn’t that right, Nicola-sama?”

“Yes, as the royal family, we currently have no plans to do anything. We’re simply here to greet you♪”

“See, isn’t that good?”

“You said ‘currently have no plans’, didn’t you!? I didn’t hear anything reassuring, maybe my ears are playing tricks on me!?”

「If you don’t mind, would you like me to treat you, Phil-sama? Despite my appearance, I’m actually good at healing!」

“In that case, Milis-sama, please heal Phil’s head instead of his ears. It will surely purify his worldly desires.

Indeed, if it were Milis, a member of the church, she might be able to heal Phil’s head, which is usually filled with worldly desires.

If that were the case, he would surely become a decent person, focused only on himself. Taking advantage of this chaotic situation, Kahlua casually voiced his desire.

“Well, let’s stop the jokes here… We don’t want to upset the ‘Hero of the Shadows’ or the Saint by making any missteps.”

As a noble and servant of the country, Phil’s influence has become tremendous, regardless of who he helps.

It’s the result of saving anyone in need.

If utilized properly, it’s an unbeatable card in the country’s hand. However, if he becomes an enemy, it can become a dangerous factor that could threaten their existence.

Knowing this, Nicola ended the conversation with playful banter.

(That’s all for the first move… From now on, we just need to handle it carefully.)

Without even needing to use her proud intellect, Nicola stood up, thinking that it was the best judgment.

“Then, now that everything is settled, I shall take my leave. Saint-sama… if it’s alright with you, would you also attend the prince’s birthday party? Your father would surely be pleased.”

“Y-Yes! I’ll go!”

“Oh, so that was really all it was…”

“Hehe, if Phil-sama had just replied to the letter, I wouldn’t have had to come here, you know? I even asked Count Salemabert to send the invitation on my behalf.”

“Well, I think it would have been fine to ask through my father as well…”

“Sometimes, things like that happen, Phil-sama. Besides…”Nicola gave a broad smile directed at Phil.

“I actually have been saved by you before.”

I see, Phil thought.

He understood why Nicola had come to meet him directly.

Even though he received a smile that would make anyone swoon, he couldn’t help but smile wryly, as his heart didn’t race at all.

“I don’t seem to remember that…”

“Hehe, let’s just leave it at that.”

With that, Nicola bowed his head to Milis and walked towards the door.

At that moment…

“(It seems that there will be more church officials attending this year’s birthday party than usual. Among them are some high-ranking individuals who don’t usually attend… please be careful.)”


As they passed by, Kahlua whispered those words to Phil in a casual manner.

“Let’s have a tea party again sometime, Phil. I’m looking forward to it as a friend.”

“Yes, I’d be happy to go if you invite me as a friend.”

After hearing those words, Nicolas casually put her hand on the door of the guest room and went out.

It took a little time. Nicolas’ visit ended earlier than expected, but…

“…I’m screwed.”

“Ah, ah, I’m sorry, Lord Phil!”

“If you give up now, it’s over, isn’t it?”

In the end, it didn’t go well.

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