D.F. Ch.5

Ch 5 Revamp Stream Part 2

Well then, I’m about to start cooking. First, let me explain to the listeners what this item is. Prior knowledge is important, you know.


“First, let’s explain the monster that this dish is based on. These are the claws of a Tyrant Crayfish. They can be found in several mid-level dungeons in freshwater areas. In short, they are giant lobsters with shells as strong as iron.”


︰What is that? It’s scary.

︰It’s a monster that you can understand just by explanation.

︰Don’t do anything dangerous.

︰Isn’t it an automotive subspecies instead of a crayfish at this point?

︰Why are you challenging something so dangerous? If you’re looking for dungeon ingredients, why not use orc meat or something instead?


Hmm… I’d say about 80% of the comments express surprise, while the other 20% express concern. I was surprised by the things that people were worried about, but I suppose that’s just a difference in our underlying assumptions.


To me, even opponents that are not particularly dangerous are generally considered dangerous monsters to most listeners. If their favorite performer is doing something risky, of course they would want to stop it.


“There are concerns being raised, but don’t worry, we’re professionals and we only take on monsters that we can handle. Besides, this is more impactful than orc meat, and it’s a common ingredient that can be found in the market.”


︰I agree that the impact is big.

︰Well, orc meat is also treated like branded pork and is quite rare, you know?

︰Well, the crayfish does seem rarer, though.

︰No, it’s probably not just rare, it’s at the level of zero circulation. I searched quickly on the net, but there were no hits at all.

︰I’m a first-time viewer. I’m a full-time explorer who was recommended to come here by an acquaintance, but can I ask the channel owner for confirmation? That crayfish, is it the one that spits out water cutters?

︰Oh? We have an expert here?


“Oh? We have a knowledgeable commenter here, huh? That’s absolutely correct. To explain it in a way that’s easy for everyone else to understand, this crayfish is a type of powerful MOB. When it moves around near water, it will launch a powerful water cutter that can mow down trees unexpectedly from the water.”


Note that this attack has the power to mow down trees, so most humans would die if they were hit by it directly. Even grazing it would be pretty fatal.


︰Wait, isn’t that dangerous?

︰That’s not a car, it’s a tank!

︰Thank you for your answer. …Can you hunt that thing? This person is amazing. And that monster, was that really its name?

︰Hey, expert. Can you explain it in terms that ordinary people can understand?

︰What’s the level of the explorer?

︰If he hunted that giant crab by himself, then his skills are undoubtedly top-class in Japan. The middle layer is the upper echelon of explorers, who can live as full-time professionals. I don’t mean to boast, but the monster in question could easily wipe out a party composed of such individuals.

︰Oh my god…


“In fact, that crayfish is hated by those who mainly operate in the middle layer. It’s a landmine monster of the crossbow class. It’s the type that appears not only in food-type dungeons, and once it’s confirmed to be there, no one will approach the water area on that level”


Tyrant Crayfish is a monster classified as a so-called powerful MOB, which is a first-sight kill. It can be said that it has a spec that stands out one head above the rest in the same rank.


It’s because of that reason that it doesn’t show up when you search for it as a food ingredient online. It can’t be hunted by mid-level adventurers who operate in the dungeon, so it’s not even considered a food source.


Of course, even mid-level explorers can definitely defeat it if they devise a solid plan and face it with determination.


However, unlike in games, in reality, you can’t just continue from where you left off. Just getting injured could potentially ruin your life.


“Almost all explorers take multiple safety margins and never intentionally engage in danger. They completely ignore monsters that are considered “death gods.” In other words, if you want to obtain it, you have no choice but to either go and get it yourself or pay a large sum of money to a top-class explorer for the request. It is an ultra-rare food ingredient with zero distribution.”


Therefore, that cooking becomes entertainment precisely because of that. It becomes a content that attracts a lot of interest to the level of blowing away bad reputation.


“Well, there are cooking channels specialising in dungeon ingredients among explorers, so even if someone says it’s nothing new, it doesn’t really matter.”


That being said, even streamers who are doing similar things aren’t dealing with ingredients at this level. Most of them use ingredients like orc meat or things that are barely in circulation.


If it’s not circulating in the market, you need considerable skills to obtain it on your own, and the cost of acquiring it through a request is too high.


In other words, it’s a blue ocean. Since there are few streamers who can imitate it, I can monopolise the demand itself.


“Well, shall we first check the contents? Although this one belongs to the drop items category among dungeon ingredients, it’s packed with a lot of contents. Look.”


While talking, I flashed my knife horizontally. The blade effortlessly slid into the shell, ignoring its thickness, and cut the giant claw in half.


And inside the opened shell, there comes plump and bouncy flesh that shines like a pearl.


“Yup. The yield is good and I handled it properly, so it’s still fresh. It should be good for sashimi too.”


: Ha?

: Wait?

: Wait, wait, wait, wait! What did you just do!?

: Did you just casually do something incomprehensible!?

: What kind of setup is this?

: You just sliced that crayfish in half with a knife… Seriously, this person is a monster. Why are they doing VTuber stuff?

: Why are they cutting things that are bigger than a knife like that…


Hmm, the comments section seems to be buzzing. There are also those who suspect that I’m faking it. Well, I understand that it’s an unfamiliar scene and phenomenon.


But, you know, it’s really difficult to explain this kind of thing, and even if I try to explain it, it’s a realm that is fairly incomprehensible.


“Ah, as for that one just now, I won’t comment on it. It’s really difficult to explain, and even if I could explain it, it would probably be impossible to understand. So just take it as ‘something like that’. If you’re a skilled explorer, you might be able to do it, maybe.”


︰Are you even a human?

︰Well, yeah… It’s true that since the dungeon appeared, the laws of physics and stuff have been getting weird sometimes…

︰As a full-time explorer, I gotta say there’s no way that’s possible. There are hardly any people who can do something like that.

︰Explorers are amazing (sarcastic)

︰Hey, another explorer is denying that!

︰But the fact that they didn’t say it was impossible makes me feel the potential of humanity.


“That’s, that’s not what I said (trembling voice).”


It’s a matter of individual differences or you could say it’s a difference in skill. …Seriously though, there’s quite a range of abilities among explorers. On the lower end, you have regular people, while on the higher end, it’s safer to assume they’re more like super soldiers or weapons of mass destruction than humans.


Furthermore, it may be self-praise, but I myself have analysed and concluded that I am probably more on the extreme side. After all, as far as I know, there are only two other explorers in my class.


“Well, jokes aside. Let’s get back to the topic and decide on the menu. For the time being, it might be too much to do everything, so let’s just focus on half of the body here and save the rest for another day.”


If properly stored and handled, it can maintain its freshness for a long time, so let’s consume it slowly behind the scenes.


So, what about the remaining half? Hmmm, how should we cook it? Considering the freshness, we can’t go wrong with sashimi. Grilling it would be good too, and having it in a soup would balance things out.


“──Got it. Let’s go with sashimi and grilled dishes, and also have miso soup. For the sashimi, let’s slice it and make it look like a large sweet shrimp, and for the grilled dish, it should look good if we sear it with the shell still on the table grill. As for the miso soup, I think it’ll turn out well with plenty of broth if we just toss in some leftovers.”


─Alright. Let’s quickly start cooking then!

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