Ch 57

“Well, the cultural festival starts the week after next……”


I walked through the elevator entrance and quickened my pace a bit.


It was dusk outside, maybe because it was already October.


I find my senpai waiting for me at the school gate.


The wind is blowing a little, and I fix my disheveled hair with a hand comb and tuck it gently behind my ear. The way she did it in the setting sun was so beautiful, it could have been a scene from a TV drama.


I felt like I’d seen something like this before. It made me realize that quite some time had passed since I met my senpai.


While I was looking at her in a daze, she noticed me and smiled and waved at me.


“Sorry I’m late.”


“No problem. I’m fine. Shall we go?”


She looked over and smiled.




The two of us stood side by side, holding hands that we were so used to, and feeling the warmth of our fingers made my heart skip a beat.


“Senpai, what are you going to do at the school festival?”


“Well, for some reason, I have to play the role of Snow White in the play.”


“Heh. Isn’t that great? I’d love to see my senpai play that role.”


“Even if it’s …… pretending, I’ll still get kissed?”


“I might not like it. You don’t really do that, do you?”


I can see the bitterness on her face, so much so that even I can see it.


Reika-senpai, seeing such a figure, smiles happily.


“I’m not really going to do it. Fufu. If Yuya-kun got even a little jealous, it would have been good.”


“I don’t like it as someone who is with me every day.”


Today, maybe because I was remembering something from the past, the words didn’t come out easily.


“Aa, mou. Yuya-kun is cute. You are too cute.”


“Wait a minute, senpai. It’s hard to walk.”


“We’re almost there, just hang in there.”


“Senpai, please try your best and walk with me.”




So I arrived home, cooked and ate my dinner while my senpai was messing with me, and was finally able to relax.


“By the way, what will Yuya-kun’s class be doing?”


“We’re going to open a coffee shop.”


“Huh? That means we can see Yuya-kun in his tuxedo, right?


“I don’t know if I’ll be wearing a tuxedo or not, but I’ll be serving customers.”


“I’ll be there for sure! Wait for me.”


“I don’t want you to get your hopes up, but I’ll do my best to serve you.”




I’m glad. I was a little worried about what to do if they didn’t like it, but they were happy.


“I’m suddenly looking forward to the festival.”


“I see. I’m also looking forward to Reika-senpai’s play.”


“I’ll appeal to Yuya-kun from the stage.”


“That’s a little embarrassing……. a little bit would be fine.”


“You’re so cute, Yuuya-kun.”


Cultural Festival, this year will be really fun.

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