Ch 58

They say that festivals are most fun when you’re preparing for them, but I don’t think that’s true.


Because …..


“Why am I being used as a dress-up doll?”


“Because you look good in whatever you wear, Omine-kun.”


“I don’t think that’s the answer.”


“Oh well.”


It’s been like this for about an hour.


“Yuya-kun! You look so cool no matter what you wear!”


“Why is Reika-senpai here?”


I don’t feel bad about the praise, though. 


“When Yuya-kun wears different kinds of clothes, it makes me want to come and see you.”




How did you come up with that?


“Then the play will end in a good way.”


I wonder why. I feel like it’s very convenient, or maybe Reika-senpai somehow managed to make it in time.


“Then I have no choice but to go see Yuuya-kun!”


“Haa. But how did you get so many different clothes?”


Tuxedos, modern fashions, and even irrelevant costumes.


“I borrowed them from the drama department.”


“…… I see.”


I want you to focus this passion on making knickknacks and other tasks.


It’s about six o’clock, and the sun has set. Everyone is working hard after school to get things ready for the festival. For some reason, Natsuki forced them into an unused classroom where the drama club and the clothing club were waiting for them, and they were caught by them.


“Hmm, I guess you’re wearing a tuxedo. Yuya-kun, you’re cool and stylish.”


“I won’t let you take any pictures”




Senpai’s cheeks are puffed up in obvious frustration.


As for me, I’d like to be able to capture this on camera.


“Please keep it until the day of the event.”


“…! Yeah♪”


Senpai put down her phone and slackened her jaw, wondering what she was imagining.


“You guys should get together.”


“Shut up, Natsuki.”


I poke Natsuki a bit lightly to shut him up.


“Senpai, shouldn’t it be time to go back?”


“Not yet, I mean I’m fine for the rest of the day. …… Yuuya-kun, don’t you want to be with me?”


“Ah, wait a minute, please. Don’t cry.”


Senpai’s eyes were watering, so I quickly took out a handkerchief and gently wiped them.


“I love Yuya-kun’s kindness.”




I do too. I wish I could say that.


“Maybe I just want Yuuya-kun to take care of me. I’m sorry, it’s too much trouble. If Yuya-kun is my partner, I’ll end up like this.”


“It’s okay. This kind of place, cute.”


I-I, I think. It’s not good. Since I realized that I like her, I can’t say it any more. There was a time before when I would say it when I wanted to stop Reika-senpai, but like this, I can’t say that she’s cute or beautiful for everyday …… no, I can’t say that. 


“Huh? What? Say it again.”


“I’m sorry. It’s nothing.”


“Wait a minute, Yuuya-kun. I’m really curious.”


I can smell a soft, sweet smell coming from my senpai in front of me. Even this kind of thing makes me nervous, or excited… …..


“……, then let’s get this over with, shall we?”




While I was treating my senpai appropriately, the preparations for the cultural festival continued.

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