Ch 56

“Well, the cultural festival starts the week after next……”


Long homeroom. My teacher is standing on the podium talking about the school festival.


Hearing about the festival, the classroom got a little noisy, and the students started discussing what they were going to do and what they wanted to do.


“Well, Yuuya looks at the sky and doesn’t seem to care. You’re doing it too.”


Before I knew it, my teacher was gone and Natsuki was sitting in front of me, maybe he had borrowed a seat. 


“I know, but if I’m going to do a play, the only thing I can do is stand guard at the store or play the part of the tree at the back of the stage.”


“Why are you so negative about school activities?”


“Because I don’t have many good school memories, do I?”


“I’m …… sorry.”


It can’t be helped! I don’t really stand out, and it would be more appropriate for me to go behind the scenes and do odd jobs.


Well, but ….. I think this year will be fun.


When I’m with Reika-senpai.


“What’s wrong? Yuya. You look so creepy.”


“Natsuki, I think you should try to cover yourself up a little more.”


“Don’t praise me. Don’t praise me.”


“I’m not praising you.”


While we were having such a casual conversation, there was some movement among the girls in the middle of the class. 


“Ah, I think I’d like to open a coffee shop.”


“Eh, that sounds great.”


“It seems like a classic. I’ve always wanted to try that.


“Yeah, yeah.” “I know, I know.”


“How about you guys?”


I suggest with a friendly smile. These things won’t move forward unless the people in the middle of the class decide to do so.


I’m totally fine with it.


“Me too.”


“I’m fine with that, too.”


“The rest is…… Those two over there.”


“Ah. They’re fine. Yuya said he was okay too.”


I could answer arbitrarily, but it’s okay. So it was decided correctly.


“Hey, Natsuki. I’m behind the scenes. I’d like to cook.”


“Well, that’s how it is.”


“For me, it would be more helpful if Omine-kun served customers, or rather, it would be an advantage.”




But, well, I have the right to refuse, so I refuse.


I wonder if …… Reika-senpai would be happy if I served her.







“Yuya-kun is serving customers just for me!? I’m so happy.”


Reika-senpai smiles as she says this.


……Hmmm. But it’s just my imagination and it’s just a hypothetical.


But ….. If it makes you happy, even a little bit


“Okay, I get it. I’ll do it.”


“Eh? Are you sure?”




“What is it? Suddenly you’re motivated?”


“Because if you cook in the back all the time, you might get tendonitis.”








I lightly punched Natsuki, who was a bit annoying, and left the rest to the committee chairmen to watch the proceedings. 




 On a personal note, we have reached 150,000 pv. This is thanks to all of you. I am very grateful. I’m deeply moved.


And somehow, this was the first time that Reika-senpai was not in the show.


I will do my best to keep up with this kanikui, which has many spelling mistakes and omissions.

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