Ch 59

“Hey, look at this decoration.”


“Wow, what a weird face.”


Today is the last day of preparations for the festival. I feel a bit sad that I won’t have to do the hectic work of hallways and shopping again until next year.


“What is it, Yuuya? You suddenly got so quiet.”


“No, it’s nothing. Well, I have an appointment.”




“I see, I see.”




I go to where Reika-senpai is waiting for me.


“Seriously, why don’t we go out together?”




I ignore the voices whispering behind me and move my feet to get out of this place as soon as possible.


I walk and arrive at a different place than usual.


When I open the door, it is a bit cold.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”


“That’s all right. I just got here early.”


“So why are we meeting here today?”


“Because you want to go on a date?”




The place is a rooftop. A cold wind, reminding us that winter is gradually approaching, stings our skin, and it is cold.


Reika-senpai’s warm hand gently wraps around my hand.


“Today is the last day of preparation for the festival. Tomorrow, guests and all kinds of people will come to the festival, and I wanted to go with them.”


“I know, but I have to leave school soon.”


Students were not allowed to be there until 8:00 p.m, and it was now after 7:30 p.m. 


“Yuya-kun. Let’s be a bad boy for a moment.”


Reika-senpai smiles mischievously like a little devil. 


“That’s right. You may have been a bad child from the beginning.”


“It’s terrible!”


I take my senpai’s hand and start to walk away. 


“How’s the play going, Senpai?”


“I want you to see it with your own eyes, Yuya-kun.”


Senpai makes a triumphant face. It’s probably perfect.


“I’m more interested in Yuya-kun’s customer service.”


“Then please save that for the day of the event.”


“Yes ♪”


I can confidently say that I am good at customer service because the people in my class were my practice subjects.


“Wow, Yuuya-kun. Look at this.”


“Is it stained glass?”


“Starting this year, it looks like third-year students will be making them.”


I heard that stained glass is surprisingly easy to make, and most importantly, it is very beautiful.


“Ah, look at that.”


“What is that?”


“You look like this.”


Senpai is trying to resemble me by using her hands and distorting her face,


“Senpai, pfft. Your face is so funny.”


“Ah, …..Uuu. It’s embarrassing.”


My senpai was so embarrassed that she covered her face with her hands.


Even a single gesture like that can be considered cute.


“Look, senpai. It’s dangerous if the teachers find us, so let’s look at other places.”


“Yeah, that’s right.”


My senpai is excited and intertwines her fingers to get rid of her shyness.


Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun.

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