Ch 60

“Then let’s do our best.”




After the opening ceremony and other events were over, everyone was excited and nervous for the festival to begin.


“Let’s do our best, Yuuya.”


“Ah, Natsuki too.”


“Oh, it’s hard to move in these clothes.”


“Well, it can’t be helped.”


I give them a light high-five and cheer them up as well.


Well, let’s do our best.


“Ah, Omine, take care of that table over there.”




“Natsuki, stop talking and get to work!”




“Natsuki, you really should work. You’ve been talking to our customers for a while now.”




Really get to work, dude.


“Erm, um.”


“Yes. You want to order?”


“Well, yeah. Which one do you recommend?”


“It’s written as a recommendation… Mogogga.”


Hmm? I think it’s on the menu. And something about the girl’s mouth being closed with great force.


“We recommend the pancake, tea and ice cream set.”


“Okay, then. That’s good, right?”


“Yes. No way….”


“Thank you.”


“So, that’s it.”


“What? You’re adding to it?”


“When’s your break?”


“When do I get a break? I can take a break around 12:00.”


Hmm? Why does she want to know my break time? Is that it? I wonder if after my break I’ll be taken to the back and attacked by strong men.


Girls are scary.


“Then, after the ….. Cultural Festival. Would you like to go with me?”


“Eh? Ah.”


With me? ….. Could that be me ……?


No, it can’t be. Because it’s me. 


Besides, I have Reika-senpai …….


That’s why …..


“I’m sorry. I have to take care of something.”


“I understand. I’m sorry. Ahaha.”


“But it was a pleasure.”




“Hey, Yuya. You should work fast too. And……”


Then Natsuki pointed at Reika-senpai, who was very upset…… She was a little teary-eyed.


“I’m sorry, Natsuki. Please order.”


“Oh, oh.”


Is it my imagination that the degree of puffiness increases the closer I get?


“Um? Reika-senpai?”


“Fuuu. Yuya-kun, do you like girls like that?”


“I don’t, so please don’t look like you’re going to cry.”


“Then, Yuya-kun, can I take a picture?”


“Sure, but please don’t post it on Instagram or anything without my permission.”


I definitely feel like that was the intention from the beginning. 


“Also, you have a special service for me, right?”


“Yes, ma’am. I understand. Well, then, this way.”




I gently pull my senpai’s hand and lead her to the table.


“Which one do you recommend, Yuya-kun?”


“The customer likes strawberries, so how about shortcake?”


“Then tea with it.”


“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be right back…”


“And with Yuya-kun.”


Reika-senpai giggles happily.


“I understand.”




Phew. I wonder if Reika-senpai is in a better mood now?


“Haven’t you been working hard too, Omine-kun?”


“Excuse me”


The shop was running smoothly and happily as the chairman said in a hushed voice.

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