Ch 62

“Reika-senpai, I’m a little embarrassed, so why don’t you walk normally?”


“That’s a bit of an unreasonable request, isn’t it?”


And the way she looks at me hurts more than usual. Is it because I haven’t done that thing in school where we walk together with our fingers intertwined, or is it because Reika-senpai’s eyes are more melting than usual?


“I hope you don’t take me seriously, since I was being so flirty with another girl just a few minutes ago.”


My senpai is looking up and slightly puffing out her cheeks, so I poke her cheeks with my index finger out of curiosity to let the air out.


“Pusu. Moo Yuya-kun.”


Reika-senpai, who seems to be enjoying herself despite her protests with a disgruntled look on her face. It’s not good. No matter what she does, she always looks cute.


“I’m not going to let that bad Yuya-kun …… get to me.”


My senpai laughing happily while hugging my arms and the stares of those around me getting even harsher…. Well, that’s enough.


It’s too late for that now.


“Then, Reika-senpai, where shall we go?”


“Hmmm… let’s go eat takoyaki.”




Come to think of it, I haven’t been able to eat at the summer festival after all because of all the other things going on.


“Then, I’ll buy it for you, so wait for me Yuya-kun.”


“Okay, I’ll buy it for you.”


“I want to buy it for Yuuya-kun.”




If she begged me so adorably, I would have no intention of buying it. I’m sure Reika-senpai is the type of person who spoils men and ruins them.


Then, I waited for about five minutes for Reika-senpai to come back.


“Here you go, Yuya-kun.”


“Thank you, senpai…….. Why do you only have one?”


“Oh, well.”


And Reika-senpai takes me to the rooftop. There are only a few people there.


“Then, let’s sit there.”


“Yes, and Reika-senpai.”


“…Mou Yuuya-kun. You’re too smart. Yuuya-kun doesn’t have to do anything.”


I give senpai the strawberry milk I bought at random from the vending machine while senpai is buying takoyaki.


Senpai always drinks strawberry milk.


“Do you think I’m a bad person, ……?”


“Yuya-kun, you are not a bad person……. then, ahh…”






“…Ah, ahh…”


“Is it good?”


“…… it’s delicious.”


“Okay, one more. Ahh.”




Is it possible that all of those are takoyaki for me? ……I remember Reika-senpai eating them in my class.


“Okay, one more time.”


“But first, let me drink once.”




“Why does Reika-senpai even try to get me to drink….”


I’ve seen this before. This kind of thing.


“‘Cause Yuya-kun is so cute.”


“…… let me drink by myself.”


“Mmm. I understand. But I’m glad. I could do something I couldn’t do before.”


“…. That’s good, right?”




My senpai smiling happily.


I wish I could see her smile all through the festival.

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