Ch 63

” Speaking of which, Reika-senpai, aren’t you going to enter the beauty pageant?”


The beauty pageant is held every year. It is said to be quite an exciting event.


“That’s right, I was forced to enter the pageant last year and somehow won first place, so they asked me if I wanted to enter again this year, and I finally did.”


Reika-senpai makes a disappointed face that seems to be very troublesome. She said softly, “I would like to see more of the School Festival with Yuuya,” and her cheeks relaxed.


She even said that it was amazing that she won first place.


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Yuuya-kun?”


“It’s nothing. What’s more, senpai. Is your class okay?”


“Huh? Ah, it’s almost time. Haa… I want to be with Yuya-kun more.”


“…. I wish I could be with you more. I want to see your play, so please do your best.”


“Eh? Yuuya-kun. What did you just say?”


“Never mind, you’ll be late.”


“Wait, Yuuya-kun.”


To hide my embarrassment, I pushed my senpai back.


Then she turned around and smiled.


“I’m so happy, thank you. I love you.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Fufu. Then I’ll go.”


Reika-senpai smiles happily and goes back to class, saying, “You can count on me.


What am I supposed to do? Fortunately, Natsuki has arranged for me to see Reika-senpai’s play. I’m free for the time of the Miscon because Natsuki, who had made a girlfriend before I knew it, persistently invited me to go with her since she was going to be in the show.


I was supposed to help out with the classes. I still have time, but there is nothing special to do.


So I go back to class, work quietly, and when it’s time to go, I leave.


It seems that Reika-senpai’s class is going to put on a play in the gym. The closer I get, the more people come.


I wonder if the play is popular or …… Haa, maybe I’m more of a pain than I thought.


While I was walking around in a daze, a face I didn’t want to see, Ichika, was hanging around near the gym.


She’s talking to her friend. She didn’t seem to notice me.


I walked silently, pretending not to see or notice anything.


Thanks to Reika-senpai, my heart is beating faster, but I am able to suppress my feelings without losing my mind like before.


When I arrived at the gym, I looked around and saw that Reika-senpai’s class seemed to be very busy and in a hurry.


I wondered if something had happened. It might have something to do with Reika-senpai’s …….


“Um, you look busy, are you okay?”


“Are you ….. Kisaragi-san’s boyfriend, Omine-kun?


“I’m not her boyfriend, but yes.”


Maybe because Reika-senpai is famous, even my name is spreading.


“Ummm, ….. Hold on a second.”


“Ah, okay.”


After a few minutes of waiting,




“What’s wrong, Senpai?”


“That’s …….”


When I talked to her, she said that they ran out of costumes for Snow White, in which Reika-senpai plays the role.


“It was there in the morning, but when I went to put it on earlier, it wasn’t there. …..”


“Where did you put it?”


“I rented the drama club room and put them all on hangers, but that’s all I could find. ……”


That’s not all…

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