IBDOW Ch.61 – Ichika’s side

Ch 61 Ichika’s side

Ever since I was a little girl, I was told by my teachers that I was prettier, prettier, and better than the other girls.


I myself thought so, too, and was pampered and admired.


I have always been at the center of the class, as if it were a matter of course, and I am always told who likes her and who doesn’t. I can do almost anything I want, and that’s the way I feel.


I can generally do what I want and that’s the way it is.


Because I’m better and prettier than the other girls.


After entering junior high school, various boys confessed their feelings for me. If I was a little nice to a boy, he would confess to me a month later. I was always told, “I like you.”


Senior members of the soccer team, senior members of the tennis team, and many others.


I didn’t know what it felt like to like them. Sure, there were times when I thought they were cool or something. But I didn’t know what it was like to like someone.


At first, I wondered what it was like to be in a relationship, so I tried dating one of the fairly popular senpai.


Then I was pampered by many people, saying things like, “That’s nice,” and “As expected, you can go on a date with that senior, Ichika.”


Then I thought.


Oh, it’s going to be my status. If I date someone cool or popular.


So I went out with someone who suited me and who would become my status.


Then one day, I happened to be with that boy at a committee meeting. He is Yuya Omine.


At first, we chatted lightly and became unimportant friends just like the normal kids around us.


But then I realized that he liked me. I can usually tell.


When I thought about him, I was hazy.


When I met him at the station, he was helping a small child who was a total stranger to me. When I saw his smile, I felt a little pain in my heart.


He also helped many other people, picked up garbage, and so on.


What good does that do? You know, other people do that.


I understand doing those things at school. Because it helps your reputation.


When I think about that guy, I get all kinds of emotions. I get frustrated, annoyed, and bitter. And when I see his innocent smile, I feel itchy and uncomfortable.


So I distanced myself from him. I told him to give it up, but he didn’t understand, and the haze started to build up.


Maybe I don’t like him.


“I’ll go ahead and wait for you at the high school.”


It’s not the kind of place you can get into.




That smile. That damn smile.


That’s why I went to a high school with a high deviation that he couldn’t get into. I was smart from the start, so I studied hard and got in.


On the first day of high school, that’s how I got in. When Reika Kisaragi gave a speech as a representative of the new students, everyone’s eyes were instantly drawn to her. I was taken in by the atmosphere.


Since that day, she has been the topic of conversation.


She has always been a distraction to me.


She’s more popular than me, but not prettier than me. She is not even friendly.


The seat used to be mine. So I did various things to her, and I also put in a lot of pressure on her.


Then, even Yuya Omine came to the same high school and confessed his feelings to me, but I refused.


At that moment, Yuya Omine’s face became distorted and he looked like he was about to cry. Is that so? Because I said I was waiting for him.


I left the place as quickly as I could.


A little while later, I heard a rumor that she liked Yuya Omine.


So, I tried to get Yuya Omine involved to humiliate him, but his smile kept coming back to my mind and I couldn’t make up my mind.


I found Omine Yuya at a festival. His appearance had changed, and my impression of him had changed considerably, but there was no way I would forget that smile. Besides, if this guy was there, there is a good chance that she was there too.


I approached him and called out to him. He was quite upset, confused and frightened, and ran somewhere as if to escape.


In the second semester, that girl suddenly started talking to me.


Maybe he talked to her.


“From now on, don’t get too close to Yuuya-kun.”


“Why? Isn’t it reasonable for you to say that?”


Yes, I hate those eyes. Those cold eyes. The eyes that have been irritating me since the first day I entered the school. 


“Well then, for the next ball game tournament. How about having the loser of badminton listen to whatever the winner says?”




“I understand, but I won’t forgive you if you lie.”


“Got it.”


After that, I lost to that girl and can no longer get close to Yuya Omine.


But hey,…….

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