D.F. Ch.7

Ch 7: A thread about Denjilas

Thread to talk about Denjilas


201    Anonymous Viewer ID: XXX

Breaking news: Yamagami Botan-san finally goes viral.



202    Anonymous Viewer

Could you please provide more details?


203 Anonymous Viewer ID:XXX



Are you okay? Is it on fire or something?


204 Anonymous Viewer

Click the link. The buzz itself is healthy.


Below is a rough summary.


As part of a makeover, they have started a new project which involves live streaming of cooking (with a focus on close-up shots of the cooking process).


The program involves ingredients from dungeons with zero circulation. The host is a real explorer who has come out as a self-sufficient forager.


From the testimony of the person themselves and the analysis of experts, it is believed (almost confirmed) that they are the top-ranked explorer in terms of skills.


Around this time, the Denjilas members started to spread it, and it went viral and became a trend.


According to the cluster of explorers, the ingredients featured in the livestream are said to be worth over one million yen in terms of market value.


205    Anonymous Viewer

There’s too much information overflowing…


206    Anonymous Viewer

Why is the top explorer trying to become a VTuber?


207    Anonymous Viewer

It all seems suspicious to me. Food worth over a million yen, and being the top explorer. That harem guy can’t be for real.


208    Anonymous Viewer



You’re quite the skeptic. But I’ll tell you, it’s the real deal. I was watching the stream too, and those monster ingredients were definitely something else. And the way he handled that knife was like something out of a manga.


209 Anonymous Viewer



Slandering is not allowed. Haven’t you learned anything from that incident?

Also, it was trending on Tweetter. Members of Frontier were seriously trying to recruit by quote-retweeting the stream.


210 Anonymous Viewer

I checked it out after hearing about it and it seems legit.


211    Anonymous Viewer

Wasn’t Frontier supposed to be one of the best exploration parties in Japan?


212    Anonymous Viewer

As a fan of Yamagami, I’m overjoyed that my oshi is finally getting the spotlight. However, their new direction is so unusual that it’s making me feel a bit uneasy.


213    Anonymous viewer ID 〇〇〇



That’s not true. They are often misunderstood as one of the top exploration parties due to their high media exposure, but they are actually just above average among exploration parties. They are not the top. This is the common view among explorers who do it as their main profession.

Of course, they are still at the top among all explorers and it’s a fact that they are a highly capable party. However, they are still within the realm of human ability. The top level is beyond what humans can achieve.


214    Anonymous Viewer

What do you mean by “beyond the realm of humanity”?…


215    Anonymous Viewer ID 〇〇〇

They crush rocks barehanded, slash with their attacks, teleport, and run vertically up walls. Can those guys even be categorized as humans?


216    Anonymous Viewer

Are all explorers such superhumans?


217 Anonymous Viewer ID 〇〇〇

It’s just a few of them who are extraordinary. And Yamagami-san is one of those extraordinary people. That’s the conclusion of the explorer cluster folks.


218     Anonymous Viewer

I’m just wondering, why did they even decide to become VTubers now…?


219     Anonymous Viewer ID 〇〇〇

Unknown. Well, it’s probably just a hobby or something. When you become a top explorer, you can easily earn more than a Major League Baseball player if you want to.

The dungeon general in the Middle East was even appointed as an honorary general of a country and is now involved in national politics.


220    Anonymous Viewer

Why is the topic of the real-life “Ikki Tousen” incident being brought up here? (trembling voice)


221    Anonymous Viewer

It’s the legendary story about a civilian who trained in a dungeon and joined the resistance, then single-handedly took down a military base, right? 

…So, is Yamagami at that level?


222 Anonymous Viewer

Isn’t this the first time we’ve seen a VTuber who can stop cyberbullying by instilling physical fear?


223    Anonymous Viewer:

Well, there might be some Vtubers with bulky and muscular appearances, so it’s not a good idea to judge based on looks. 

But first and foremost, hate speech and insults are not acceptable.


224    Anonymous Viewer

This person probably has enough financial power to sue you, so be careful☆


229    Anonymous Viewer

This will make even the antis quiet and smile.


230    Anonymous Viewer

Unfortunately, the anti-thread seems to be more active.


231    Anonymous Viewer



232     Anonymous Viewer

I’ve seen it, but it’s like that. Most of it is just rumours like it’s staged or fake. There’s no way that such a skilled person would become a VTuber.


233  Anonymous Viewer

Hobbies are different for everyone, huh… But, to be honest, there’s a high chance that jealousy is at the root of that.


234   Anonymous Viewer

The person who was criticised for having low numbers turned out to be a highly successful person who couldn’t be defeated even if they stood on their head. No wonder they would go to great lengths to protect their remaining pride.


235    Anonymous Viewer

However, currently even a unicorn has joined in there, and it has become a scene from hell.


236    Anonymous Viewer



237  Anonymous Viewer 


Oh, I see. That means a super high-spec man has appeared near my oshi. No wonder they don’t find it amusing.


238 Anonymous Viewer

A powerful rival has appeared! But the truth is, the person themselves haven’t even made it to the starting line.


239 Anonymous viewer

This is a display of factual evidence.


240 Anonymous Viewer:

But you know… If they get caught up in a controversy because of that, it wouldn’t be funny for the person involved.


241    Anonymous Viewer

I hope this controversy doesn’t spread in a weird direction…


242    Anonymous Viewer ID xxx:

I think it’ll be okay. Currently, the buzz is flowing to the point where sentimental comments are being swept away. The channel subscriptions for the host just exceeded 50,000 a little while ago.


243    Anonymous Viewer



244  Anonymous Viewer

Is it for real!? Why did that happen!?


245    Anonymous Viewer

Well, isn’t it obvious?

  • Starting from the Frontier members’ retweets, it’s spreading to people who don’t even watch VTubers.
  • The content of the video is strong food porn.
  • The ingredients are dungeon-sourced, with a huge impact.
  • Their ability as an explorer is also top-class.


There aren’t many characters with such outstanding topicality. If it spreads even once, it’s bound to go viral.


It has even spread to overseas audiences.


246    Anonymous Viewer

“Even overseas?” … Ah, I see. Well, if he’s just cooking dungeon ingredients, it’s not a problem even if you don’t understand the language.


247    Anonymous Viewer

They must really love the giant crustacean claws and adventurers like that over there. Especially in America, they love that kind of hungry spirit and frontier mentality.


248    Anonymous Viewer

Seriously, this could easily skyrocket. If this many people are already subscribing after just one video, imagine how many more subscribers they could get with a few more cooking streams featuring dungeon ingredients? And now that it’s gone overseas, it’s even bigger, right?


249    Anonymous Viewer

If we can get fans over there, we might be able to expect a significant number of subscribers.


250    Anonymous Viewer

One month of hard work. Finally a change in the position of the Yamagami-san? …… No, I’m really glad.

He hasn’t done anything, but he’s been a needle in a haystack for so long. Maybe this will finally make all the hard work worth it.


251    Anonymous Viewer

I think it’s a gut-punch case for the management. The fact that they let a male streamer make his debut after the incident means that they wanted to break down the gender barriers.

And if Yamagami can make a breakthrough here without any problems, some of the stigma can be poured out.

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