D.F. Ch.6

Ch 6: Revamp Stream Part 3

“Okay, and we’re done! Here we have Tyrant Crayfish’s claw sashimi, grilled meat, and a soup made from all the remaining parts of the crawfish. Although it looks and is named after a crawfish, it’s actually a completely different thing since it’s a monster.”


By the way, real crayfish are at least not safe to eat raw due to the risk of dangerous parasites.


In the case of dungeon ingredients, especially dropped items, they are reconstructed from a mysterious light when the monster’s corpse disappears, so they are aseptic at the time of appearance. If they are properly stored to maintain their freshness, they can be eaten raw like regular food.


“Well then. First of all, what do you all think about this?”


The first dish is sashimi. Unlike regular sashimi cuts, it’s cut into a long block shape that resembles a large sweet shrimp, with a colour and shape that inevitably brings to mind the deliciousness of shrimp. It teaches you the pleasure of indulging and biting into it luxuriously. The anticipation of the citrusy yuzu or kabosu to change the flavour is also exciting.


Second dish, grilled. Cut out with the shell intact so it can be grilled on the tabletop stove, it is much thicker than the sashimi. It’s truly a shrimp steak, and I wonder just how juicy it will become when cooked.


Third dish, miso soup. The ingredients include carrots, daikon radish, and green onions, which are common and simple vegetables, as well as plenty of shell-on claw meat. The rich aroma of crayfish, or rather crustaceans, drifts through the soup, and it is a confirmed dish with a large amount of dashi broth melted in.


“By the way, the taste is definitely exquisite. After all, we procured these ingredients from a food-type dungeon in the middle layers. According to the laws of the dungeon, the items obtained from the deeper parts are more valuable, which guarantees the taste of these dishes.”


Even orc meat obtained from the upper levels of the dungeon is highly praised and treated as an equivalent to brand pork. So, if we talk about drop items from powerful mobs in the middle levels, you can imagine just how delicious they are.


: Looks delicious!

: It looks super luxurious.

: You can tell just by looking at it that it’s delicious!

: That’s unfair. This is unfair.

: It’s like a high-class meal.


Several comments were thrown at the dishes lined up on the table. … Wait, aren’t there a lot of them? There are over 6,000 people connected, after all.


“…Did the number of people watching suddenly increase? The concurrent viewership has skyrocketed. I wasn’t expecting such an immediate effect even with the special stream to attract more viewers.”


: Your colleagues and senpais were spreading it.

: The shrine maiden seemed eager to gather the remaining half of something.

Raika Hanabi: If your colleagues are doing something amazing, it’s bound to spread, right?

: Family spreads it -> Fans spread it -> Explorer cluster recognizes it -> Famous explorer party comments on it -> It trends (here and now)

Mikoto Miko: I was frustrated with the food terrorism, so I added fuel to the fire. Anyway, you should treat me next time.

: It’s trending!

: Hanabi!? Hanabi is here!

: Mikoto!?

: You guys are here too!


“Oh my…”


 When I checked, it’s actually trending on SNS… I didn’t expect it to spread so quickly at this early stage.


And why are you, my fellow colleagues and senpais, here…? We agreed to keep contact to a minimum to avoid any controversies.


While I appreciate your help with the promotion, it could potentially attract a large number of emotional fans. Personally, I don’t really care, but I don’t want to trouble my fellow colleagues and senpais.


“Hmm, I wonder what the correct response to this is? I don’t want to come off as uninterested by not responding, but at the same time, I don’t really have anything to say to it…”


: Seems like you’re really struggling with this, haha

: Well, there were reasons why you were treated as untouchable…

: Can you believe it? This is a conversation from the same chat box…

Raika Hanabi: To be honest, it’s annoying how difficult it is to interact with our peers! Let’s use this as an opportunity to interact more☆

: Just be grateful and move on. It’s time to shake off that kind of atmosphere.

Mikoto Miko: As a kouhai, you just need to treat your senpais. Don’t worry about anything else.

: It’s getting warm, isn’t it?


“ Is it really warm though? I can’t help but feel like someone is just throwing fuel into the fire with all this bad influence…”


Well, I do appreciate you guys coming to join in at the perfect time. But still, don’t you think there should be a bit more planning involved? You both are a bit too straightforward and direct, aren’t you?


Regarding Miko-senpai, she’s been consistent from the beginning. Well, it’s not like treating her is a problem or anything. It’s just that giving dungeon items as gifts is a pain due to legal reasons…


“Well, as for Miko -senpai, if we have a chance to meet up and discuss things, that would be great. Alright then, shall we dig in?”


: I tried to hide it w

Mikoto Miko: Hey, don’t try to deceive me, kouhai

: Well, what can I do? This is a luxury item that’s valued at market price based on accounting standards.

Raika Hanabi: Don’t you think there are fellow peers who should be more important to prioritise before senpai?

: Yes, the peers have started to go up.


“It’s time to taste it!”


This is a case where it’s better to leave things alone and not incur divine wrath. Even though it may be a common trend, there’s no need to make a joke out of it and risk getting burned.


“Then, let’s start with sashimi… Oh, before that, I’ll put the one for grilling on the fire. The shell of this one has high heat resistance, so we need to slowly heat it up or the heat won’t go through.”


Despite being sturdy, its thermal conductivity is not that great, so fire and heat-based attacks are reduced by half or less. As a result, some rear-guard builds may be ineffective against it.


: What is that?

: The shells of some organisms have poor heat conductivity.

: How do you defeat them then?

: Judging by the way they handle their knives, they probably just cut them in half with a regular blade.

Raika Hanabi: I’m getting excited with these absurd stories that keep coming up.

: It’s better not to think of top explorers as human. I’ve seen it briefly before, but they can shoot slash attacks with a straight face.

: I don’t really understand what you’re saying…


“Alright, the set is complete. Now, while we put it over the fire, let’s have some sashimi first. Let’s try it without anything first.”


I pick up the sashimi with my chopsticks and show it off in front of the camera, then take a big bite.


“Nom nom”


: Wow, he looks so happy!

: Even without words, you can tell it’s delicious.

: I can tell he’s really busy and rushed, lol.

: His big smile is amazing.

Mikoto Miko: Hey, give me some too, kohai!!

: Oh, yeah. If this much can be conveyed, a sweet 2D mask would be more effective than a live-action one.

: What does it taste like? Can you at least tell us?


“Phew…okay, it’s time for a food report. Let’s see, it’s about that dish. The surface is sticky like sweet shrimp, but the core is firm and chewy. When you bite into it, it’s like a concentrated flavour that’s a combination of shrimp and crab, simmered without being watered down, spreading all over your mouth. Next, I’ll try it with kabosu citrus after the raw one.”


: That’s some serious food porn right there.

: …I’m so jealous.

: What is this, some kind of “Strongest Crustacean Dish I’ve Ever Thought Of” or something?

Raika Hanabi: Hey hey haaai! I want to eat it too!!

: It’s funny how we’ve had no interaction until now, and suddenly everyone’s making a fuss.

: Well, it’s gotta be delicious, no doubt about that.


“…Kabosu, this is amazing. This alone is enough to win.”


If you change the taste, it becomes something different. With the rich umami and the added citrus acidity, your mouth is filled with happiness. Seriously, this is the kind of dish you can eat infinitely.


: This is just pure terrorism.

: He’s doing that advanced way of eating again!

: So you’re going for a policy of bringing out the flavour of the ingredients, huh!?

: I’m starting to think that becoming a VTuber just to collaborate with Yamagami would be worth it.


“Um, no good. At this rate, I’ll be so full with just the sashimi. It’s about time to switch to the grill, it feels like a good time.”


: Hey, Yamagami, aren’t you not checking the comments anymore?

: It must be so delicious that you forget yourself.

: I feel like it’s for real.

: But if I were in Yamagami’s position, I would focus on eating it for sure.

: How about showing off and eating the top-quality ingredients, huh!?


“It’s definitely the best feeling in many ways.”


Let’s see, let’s go for the grilled one…wait. Let’s add a finishing touch here. I’ll carefully peel the meat from the shell with my chopsticks, and then drizzle some soy sauce into the gap…


“Oh, the sound and scent of happiness~”


: I’m definitely reading the comments!

: Then stop for a moment, will you?

: You can’t use soy sauce for grilling! That’s a big no-no!!

: It really looks delicious.

Mikoto Miko: Kouhai! Let’s do an off-collab at the agency next time! I’ll send you a DM later, so tell me a day that works for you!

: Mikoto-sama is getting excited lol

Raika Hanabi: Wait a minute, Mikoto senpai! I’m your fellow rookie, so I should go first, right?! We haven’t even done a collab together as fellow rookies yet!

: Hanabi is also joining!

: Hmm, this is definitely going to cause controversy.


“Look at this! This is a seafood steak! The scent of soy sauce is amazing! As expected, that one extra step is important!”


“Okay, here’s a hearty bite! … This is amazing!! Cooking it has brought out even more sweetness! The texture is also incredible! The chewiness is outstanding, and you can feel the fibers of the flesh one by one! And the aroma of the soy sauce that wafts through your nose…!”


: And the person in question is completely absorbed in the meal.

: It’s a heartwarming scene, but what they’re doing is pretty outrageous…

: A luxurious dinner with the highest quality ingredients… It’s seriously something that could cost tens of thousands of yen at a restaurant.

Raika Hanabi: Collab! Collab! Collab!

: It’s too much of a bourgeoisie meal, I can’t even feel jealous.

: Well, they did risk their lives to procure those ingredients…

: It’s funny how Hanabi is begging for a collaboration, but for some reason, I don’t feel like suspecting anything.

: It’s because their only concern is the food. And to be blunt, the power of food porn is just too strong.

: At this point, it’s not even surprising if they meet up offline. If we were thinking normally, we’d probably all agree that we want to eat that too.


“And next is the miso soup. After getting too excited, taking a breath with soup to calm down a bit is important…”


I took a slurp… Nope, can’t calm down with this. In fact, my appetite is increasing.


You see, even though there’s a gentle yet assertive seasoning like miso, the flavor of the crayfish broth is so delicious that it doesn’t fade away in the slightest! It’s completely transformed into a supporting role for the miso flavor. Nevertheless, it still stands out as the star of the dish. The flavours are perfectly harmonised and elevate each other!


“Ahh… it’s pure bliss. The tender and flaky texture of the meat falling apart in the soup is just amazing. When you eat it with the softened vegetables, it creates a completely different taste experience.”


: Wow. I can feel the blissful expression just from your voice.

: The character’s model also has a big smile, right?

: The happiness meter is off the charts. And your brain must be melting.

: When I eat something delicious at home or elsewhere, it’s either silent or I talk to myself a lot, there’s no in-between.

: I know that feeling.


“Next up is sashimi again.”

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