Ch 65

Ichika’s side


Why, why, why.


I wanted to see her in trouble, I wanted to see her in a state of misery. I wanted to see her look so pathetic and helpless. I wanted to see them laughing at her.


Why, why, why? Why is she being praised and celebrated!?


I kept asking myself.


Then I noticed a poster in my field of vision, even though I didn’t want to see it.


It was a poster with a picture of her when she won first place last year. I guess she is going to be in the Miss Contest this year because she is listed as a contestant again.


….. If I beat her in this Miss Contest, I’ll be …..




Thanks to Reika-senpai, we were able to finish the play without incident, and there was only a little over an hour left before the Miss Contest, which could be called the main event of the cultural festival.


The members of Reika-senpai’s class left early, perhaps out of concern.


However, the smiling eyes around them and the fidgeting of Reika-senpai’s friends as they chilled her were very cute.


As for Reika-senpai, well…


“Praise me more, Yuya-kun.”


“Okay, okay.”


They were gone, and there was no more reserve for pampering.


“I’m sorry. I’m happy to be praised by Yuya-kun.”


“If it’s okay with you, I’ll praise you as much as you want.”


I stroke her head slowly. My ticklish senpai is also very cute.








“Is there anything else you want me to do?”


“Let’s see…”




Well, Reika-senpai has been working hard, and I want to do something for her.


“Then do you want to hug me?”




I hug Reika-senpai gently. Reika-senpai happily nuzzles her face to my chest. She has a sweet smell that is unique to girls, and unlike men, she has soft skin. I wanted to hug her forever.


“Excuse me!!”








“Is it okay if we use the gym for the Miss contest?”




I turned around and saw a sophomore who was burly.


I’m sorry……


I am so embarrassed that I pull Reika-senpai’s hand and come to the rooftop.


“Ehehe. We’ve been seen.”


“Yes, we did…..”


I feel a little sorry and embarrassed. I feel happy. I feel indescribable.


“Somehow I’m happy about it.”




“Of course, to be able to walk around the festival with Yuya-kun like this, but we’re also embarrassed together like this.”


Then she turns to me and smiles.


“It’s fun for me, too, and I’m kind of happy about it.”


“I see.”


Even this meaningless conversation is becoming enjoyable.


“Ah, it’s about time, Reika-senpai. Isn’t it time to get ready for the Miss contest?”


“Yes. I’m going to go now…… before that.”


“Haa….. Go ahead.”


Reika-senpai opens her arms and looks at me as if expecting something, so I hug Reika-senpai. 


“Fuwah….. Calm down.”


“Please don’t fall asleep.”


“Fufu. I’m fine… …… Thanks, Yuya-kun.”


“You’re welcome.”


Reika-senpai slowly moves away from me and goes to get ready.


I relax on the rooftop for a bit before going to Natsuki’s place.


“Hey, did you hear that Ichika-senpai is going to participate in the Miss contest?”


“Heh, for real?”



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