Ch 66

She’s in the Miss contest?


If that woman’s name was not among the participants, then it would be a jumping-off point for her to participate.


For what reason, I’m not sure……. I’m sure it has something to do with Reika-senpai. I think it’s payback for the play.


What is she going to do? I wonder if she’ll play the game right. She’s the one who stole the costumes for the play.


The only way she can beat Reika-senpai is to …..


“Hey, Yuya, what’s wrong? You suddenly got quiet.”


“Ah. Just a minute.”




Natsuki speaks to me and I stop thinking. 


“If there’s something you need help with, talk to me.”




He calls to me as if to remind me and I’m not sure if I should talk to him or not. Natsuki is also my friend. I wonder if it’s okay to talk about this.


But I feel like this is our problem and I can’t involve everyone else.


“Hey, Yuya. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. You’re taking on too much by yourself.”


“Is that so?”


“That’s right. I think something probably happened at the beginning of the school year. The atmosphere on the first day was different from the next day. And after the ball game. And so on.”




“I didn’t ask about it because you didn’t seem to want me to. I wanted you to at least talk to me about it.”




“I know it’s been a short time. I’m a friend of Yuya’s. You can count on me if you are in trouble.”


“….. You’re still too nice looking.”




Natsuki smiles playfully and I laugh with him.


I have a good friend. I believe that from the bottom of my heart.


“Maybe ….. Reika-senpai could be in trouble.”


“What do you mean?”


If that woman can beat Reika-senpai, then Reika-senpai herself should not be competing.


It’s frustrating and I hate to admit it, but without Reika-senpai, that woman would probably be the best.


“Can we do this on the run?”




While running, I summarize the most important points and tell them to Natsuki.


There are 30 minutes left before the Miss contest. I arrive at the gym and look for Reika-senpai. It was 30 minutes ago, but there were a lot of people there, so it was hard to find her.


“Natsuki, you take care of the gym. I’ll go to the back.”



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