Ch 64

That’s the only thing they don’t have….. It’s obviously not right.


Unless someone did it on purpose or someone in the class made a mistake and put it somewhere else.


The second one is that the class checks and knows that the costume is there in the morning.


So that would be…..


“Um, ….. Did you see anyone go into the club room?”


“I don’t think anyone saw anyone because everyone was practicing or going to the cultural festival.”


Hmmm….. Only Reika-senpai’s outfit is missing. As for the people who are happy that Reika-senpai is in trouble….. There is only one person.


If you think about it, that woman would never come to a play where Reika-senpai could be considered the star of the show, but if she is in front of the gym, she would be …..


“Reika-senpai. Maybe, but …. I think it’s her.”


Anger rises in me. 


“I thought so too. But if she says she didn’t do it because there’s no proof, that’s the end of the story, and if I question her without proof, she’s bound to spread the word.”


“I think so too. What should we do ……?”


Time passes while I’m thinking about it. That woman is really……


Then she pats me gently on the head and says


“Don’t look so scared. I prefer it when Yuya-kun smiles.”


“Reika senpai…..”


“Besides, maybe I can get revenge.”




I wonder what Reika-senpai will do. I can only nod my head. “Yuya-kun, watch me closely, okay?” She smiles and goes back to the back of the stage.


About ten minutes later, the play starts.


“Mirror, mirror, the most beautiful thing in the world is…” 


It begins with the standard lines I read as a child and moves steadily forward. It is probably based on a certain country. Switching from the Queen scene,


And then… it was Reika-senpai’s turn to appear, and what appeared was… Reika-senpai in her school uniform.


The audience was surprised to see only one person without a costume, and when she looked at Ichika, she smiled.


She played with the little birds, went to a simple fountain and began to sing.


“It’s very strange. This well is…”


She had a beautiful voice. Very beautiful. So beautiful that the people around her were stunned and silenced by Reika-senpai.


She was so majestic. It was enough to make people not feel the unnaturalness of the costume.


Her world, Reika’s world, was created and nothing else could be seen.


As the play went on, the hunter tried to kill Snow White, but Snow White’s purity made it impossible for him to kill her, and he let her go.


By this time, everyone was watching the play.


All but one is …… She looks disappointed and disappears from the gym.


Reika-senpai, you are amazing. It’s cool. Really. I can’t put it into words.


“And Snow White married the prince and lived happily ever after. “


After the play ended without incident, the applause gradually increased one by one, and even after the play ended, the applause did not stop for a while.


Around me, many voices praised Reika-senpai, saying how amazing she was and how cool Kisaragi-senpai was.


I walked through the crowd to the back of the stage to see my senpai.


“Ah, Yuuya-kun!”


“Hey, senpai, it’s dangerous if you run…”


“Was I cool? Was I beautiful? Did I do it right?”


“Reika-senpai, it seemed like you were trying to catch a glimpse of me at times.”


“I was able to do my best because Yuya-kun was there, right?”


“Well, for now, …..”


I will say what I wanted to say.


“That was very cool.”



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