Ch 67

“Fuwah….. Calm down.”


“Please don’t fall asleep.”


“Fufu. I’m fine… …… Thanks, Yuya-kun.”


“You’re welcome.”


It’s a shame to leave, but I’m leaving Yuya-kun.


Yuya-kun smells so good, doesn’t he? I wonder what it is, maybe it’s a soothing, exclusive smell for me…. What a surprise.


I have to get ready soon, I really have to go.


I leave a little early to go to the gym. There are quite a few people there, although I don’t like too many people.


I go to the back and find Yuka, who is participating this year.


Before I knew it, I found Yuya-kun’s friend …… Natsuki-kun? I heard that he and Yuya-kun have some kind of relationship.


Haa, I can’t wait to have that kind of relationship with Yuya-kun too, …… ehehe.


Haa. This is bad. I have a habit of tripping when I think about Yuya-kun……


For now, let’s talk to Yuka.




“Reika. What’s wrong, you’re smiling again……. Oh, wait a minute. You don’t have to tell me.”


“Eh~. Why? Mou.”


While having such a conversation …… I was suddenly approached.


“Um, Reika-san. Come over here.”




I’m pretty sure this girl is ……, the one Ichika is hanging out with or being harassed by.


Considering the timing, it’s probably Ichika.


I couldn’t drag Yuka into this, so I said no and followed her silently.


Then I was led to the storage room inside the gym, and the person inside was Ichika, as expected.


“Hello, Reika-san.”


“……, please hurry up and tell me your requirements.”


“……, I don’t know if I’m allowed to act like this.”


“……, please hurry up and tell me your requirements.”


“Haa, fufu. Well, I don’t really care. I’m sure you like Yuya, right?”


“…so what?”


I don’t know, I have a very bad feeling about this.


I love Yuuya-kun. I love him, I love him, I love him.


“Heh. Someone like that, you know.”




“What would you do if you heard that he fell down the stairs on the roof?”




I immediately ran out of the warehouse to go to the roof, but Yuka, who was nearby, asked me what happened, perhaps worried.


I talked to her briefly and went to the rooftop.


Wait for me, Yuya-kun. I’ll save you for sure.




I hurry to the backstage area and look around.


Reika-senpai is ……!


I search frantically, but I can’t find her.


That is …. I’m pretty sure that’s my senpai’s friend ….. Yuka-san.


I ask her, clinging to the straw.


“Ah, umm. You are Yuka-san, right?”


“Um, are you Omine-kun?”




I was a little surprised when she yelled at me, but why? 


“Do you know where Reika-senpai is?”


“If it’s Reika, she said Omine-kun fell down the stairs and rushed out of the gym.”




I was about to explode with emotions that had nowhere else to go. That bitch really is …… That bitch!

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