Ch 71

Reika-senpai has been acting strangely lately. 


“Um, Reika-senpai.”


“Eh? Ah, yes. What is it? Yuya-kun.”


“Why are you acting so strange lately?”


“No, I’m not.”


She waves her hands in denial with a buzzing motion. Her cheeks are red for some reason.


It was the end of October, and even with global warming, the evening was still a bit chilly.


The festival riot was resolved without incident. That bastard was expelled from school for doing other things. He was about to graduate, but that’s okay. That bitch was suspended from school because she had not done anything directly, but she was too proud and would not be able to come to school when the suspension was over. The teacher told me that she left school voluntarily.


And we have been taking it easy these past few days, living our lives without any worries……… However, there is something strange about Reika-senpai’s behavior.


For example, a few days ago on the way home.


Normally, she would have tried to hold my hand forcibly, but when we accidentally touched hands, she reacted with a jerk.


It was the same this morning. I just want to say thank you. ……..


“Thank you for breakfast. I’ll be so weak that I can’t live without you, Reika-senpai.”


“Eh!? Ah, yeah. This…… makes me very happy.”


If she were my senpai, she would have hugged me and said, “Thanks, Yuya-kun!” and hugged me, but instead, she turned her head down and smiled with her cheeks blushing. It was very cute. ……… I mean, not really.


And a lot of other things, but I’m really wondering what’s going on.


Could it be that …….. Someone else you like…….. No, no……….. I’m not sure. I suddenly feel anxious.


“Ah, um! Reika-senpai. Well, umm!”


“Hyaa! Um, yeah. What is it? Yu, Yuya-kun.”


“Well… Shall I come by your house again today?”


I can’t say what I want to say and different words come out of my mouth. Haa, I’m such an idiot.


” Eh? Ah, if Yuya-kun doesn’t mind.”


“I don’t mind at all!”




So we came home, cooked dinner as usual, and after we both finished eating, it was finally time to say it.


I slapped my cheeks and put my mind to it.


“Um… Reika-senpai.”




“Well………. Shall I drop by your house again today?”


Wait… wait a minute, I’m not ready for that yet………..


“Eh? Ah, if Yuya-kun doesn’t mind.”


It comes out of my mouth reflexively. Mou, my stupidity! I’m not ready yet.


Lately, I can’t really look at Yuya-kun. Ever since the day he kissed me.


When I went home and thought about it, I realized that if the fact that he kissed me was not an illusion or something, then Yuya-kun likes me and we are both in love. …….. I thought that was somehow true, but since he took action, I think that means he already likes me.


It was a parade of fantasies from there.


I’m so happy about what Yuya-kun said to me that my cheeks are flushed and I can’t look at him properly, and even if I wanted to hug him, I wouldn’t be able to hold back if he hugged me.


What will happen to me if I say, “Please go out with me”?


While I was thinking about this, I arrived home, ate a delicious meal prepared by Yuya-kun, and then……


“Um…… senpai.”




Phew, okay, yeah!


“I’m sorry, senpai. Is there someone else you like?”


“…………… Eh?”



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