THOS Ch.17

Ch.17.Knight training

—A week has passed since Millis started staying here.

After a week, inevitably, the commotion began to calm down. The number of residents visible from the mansion gradually decreased, and now, the yellow cheers of ” The Shadow Hero-sama!” cannot be heard.

Thanks to that, Phil has been in a very good mood lately. He often holds a lascivious desire in his heart, thinking “I want to go to the brothel quickly~♪”.However, as Kahlua said, there was no way he could go to a brothel while the Saint was staying here.

As a result, he had no choice but to enjoy their usual reclusive lifestyle.

However, since the calming down of the situation was undoubtedly a positive development, he wasn’t feeling too down about it.

“Phil-sama, just now Viscount Milouzas came to see you. He said he wants to meet you…”

It was a peaceful day, with a pleasant warmth caressing his skin. Phil was sitting in the shade of a tree, listening to a servant telling him this.“Just send him back casually.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. He probably just came to butter me up once he realized I’m the ‘Shadow Hero.’ I don’t want him to suddenly turn on me, and I’m worried about my wrist… If he says anything, just mention Zan’s name or something to save face. He’ll be overjoyed, saying ‘ I have connections after all! You really understand me!'”“If that happens, Zan might end up embarrassed.”

“That’s just my way of looking out for my brother. Whether he gets embarrassed or not is up to him. Anyway, just say something like that for me.”

“I understand… but are you sure? If you do that, your reputation might be affected again…”

“Do I look like the kind of man who cares about that? If I did, I would have fired you servants who’ve been talking behind my back until now.”Upon hearing those straightforward words, the servant’s face clouded over.

It’s a weakness to have it said out loud.

Certainly, until now, they had been talking behind his back, and it wasn’t until now that they finally began to evaluate him, wondering if he might be an amazing person.

If he, who was said to not care about his declining reputation, were to have more fuel added to the fire, it would lead to a disaster of disapproval.Therefore, the servant bowed once and then left without saying anything more from under Phil.

“Is it alright, Phil-sama…? It seems to be an important matter, isn’t it?”Milis, who was sitting next to her, timidly asks.

Her flowing blonde hair reflects the sunlight, creating a dazzling atmosphere.

Her appearance is fantastic and mysterious, to the point that if a hundred people were to say “she is a saint,” one would be convinced due to her beauty.“I’m fine with it. I’m not stupid enough to go along with their flattery, and I only feel disgust towards those who have been making fun of me all this time and are now trying to cozy up to me. Besides, there’s no obligation for me to entertain them.”

Since the rumors about “The Shadow Hero” Phil began to spread, the number of nobles who came to visit him increased day by day. It’s not surprising, considering that Phil Salemabert’s value as a human being has now become too important to ignore.hil is known as “The Shadow Hero” who is beloved by the people, and is now on good terms with the saint.

How much further will his influence grow? It wouldn’t hurt to befriend him early on.

It’s natural to have ulterior motives and desires, thinking that he would immediately come to their aid if anything were to happen.

But precisely because he knows this, Phil decided to ignore them every time and not give them the time of day.

“If you have time to twiddle your thumbs like that, why don’t you go to the church and have your wrist checked? While you’re at it, your head too… Oh, it looks like it’s starting soon.Phil turned his gaze forward, towards a corner of the estate owned by the Salemabert family: a large area of sandy land.

This is where the knights employed by the Salemabert family are stationed and used as a training ground.

There were many knights in armor lined up neatly, including those who had recently visited the estate with Milis.

“Are the church knights also participating in the training…wouldn’t that be a bother?”

“It’s not a problem. After all, they must be tired of just preaching all the time. Besides, it’s a good thing to get stronger…it means you’ll have more power to protect yourself. For me, that’s reason enough to lend a hand.”

“A-ah…I see…”Miris’ face turned bright red at Phil’s words.

Phil tilted his head in confusion at Milis suddenly blushing, but Milis shook her head to try and cool down the rising heat.

“Okay, let’s begin”.

Then, at the center of the knights in their line of sight, Kahlua dressed in her usual maid uniform gave a signal with her unemotional voice.

“By the way, is Kahlua-san also participating in the training? Is it for self-defense?”

Trying to change the subject to hide the heat that she couldn’t completely cool down, Milis asked.

“No, Kahlua is participating as an instructor.”


“Yes, it’s training for anti-mage combat.”“Watch closely and you’ll understand,” Phil said without looking at Milis.

Milis couldn’t quite understand what he meant, but she looked in the direction of the knights as he instructed.

“I should be the one teaching them, but my magic isn’t suited for combat in the first place. With Kahlua holding back her power, she’s perfect for training up to a certain level. Especially for training that doesn’t involve sudden attacks.”

At that moment, the image of the girl in a maid uniform became blurry.

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