IBDOW Extra chapter

Extra chapter

Chronologically, it is the time after the summer vacation and before the ball games start.




“Hey, Yuya-kun, did you buy this this year?”


“Let’s see ……….. My sister bought it two years ago.”


Reika-senpai had a set of handheld firecrackers.


I’m pretty sure that was the one my sister bought in a mood, but never ended up using.


Come to think of it, I didn’t get to enjoy the fireworks because of her. ……… Well, it’s more than enough that Reika-senpai was beautiful.


I know it’s out of season, but…


“Do you want to do it?”


“Yes, I want to. I want to!”


Reika-senpai looks at me with a twinkle in her eye.


Now senpai looks like a happy dog wagging her tail…… cute. Senpai with dog ears is very cute.


“Yuya-kun? What’s wrong?”


“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”


I put my fantasies in the back of a drawer so I don’t have to worry about them coming true. I think my senpai would be embarrassed, but ………


I shake my head, clearing my mind of all thoughts.


For the first time in a long time, I’m going to do it.


It’s about 8:00 pm. I took a bucket to a nearby park. It’s not really an urban area, so there are no people around at this time of night.


“Yuya-kun, hurry up, idiot.”


“Yeah, I’m doing it.”


It’s been a while since I made handheld fireworks. You might think that a high school student would be happy with fireworks, but that’s for boys.


Reika-senpai probably didn’t have that kind of opportunity due to family reasons.


The cute senior in front of me held a firecracker in her hand and looked excited. I lit her fireworks.


“Wow, look at that, Yuya-kun. It’s so beautiful.”


“Yes, it is. It’s very beautiful.”


Both are beautiful.


I also lit fireworks.


“Then, Yuuya-kun. Let’s do this next.”


Senpai held a sparkler.


“Okay, let’s do it.”


I’ve played with it a lot since then, and all that’s left is a sparkler and some handheld firecrackers.


“Then we’ll see who lasts longer. If you win, you get the right to use these fireworks. What do you think?”


“I like it. Sounds fun.”


I light it carefully. The firework gradually takes shape and blossoms beautifully with an occasional crackling sound.


“Wow, it’s so beautiful.”


The sparkler twinkles just a little, much to my senpai’s delight. 


“You’re going down, senpai.”


“Hey, that’s your strategy, isn’t it? That’s cheating, Yuya-kun.”


“I didn’t do anything…”




Senpai laughs happily.


“I hope we can play like this again next year.”


Maybe next year…….. I wonder if we can go out together…… Well, that’s up to me.


If I have the courage to go out there, it can happen.


“But next year, I’ll be taking my final exams.”


“Oh, I see.


Then the year after that.”


“Mou. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lie, so if you say let’s do it together, I’ll be happy and hug you.”


The sparklers get bigger and bigger.


“If senpai really wants to hug me, I will tell her.”


I say in a small, muffled voice.




The sparkler falls with a pop.


“Ah, senpai. The sparklers fell. I won.”


I turned my back on my pouting senpai and lit a handheld firework.


“Ehh, wait, wait a minute, Yuya-kun. That’s …………..”


“It’s beautiful, senpai.”


“Is it an operation? Or is it ……..?”


“It’s very beautiful, Reika-senpai.”




Really, you are so cute and beautiful. Really, you are so cute and beautiful. Senpai.

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