I.N. Ch.8

Chapter 8: Intimidation 2

Feeling determined, Yui glared at Yū with a look of contempt.

However, disregarding Yui’s contemptuous gaze, Yuu reached out and grabbed her shoulder, moving his face closer as if to kiss her. Unaware of the slight trembling in Yui’s body, Yuu proceeded. Desperately convincing herself that this was just a scene for a drama, where they were only filming a kiss, Yui reluctantly closed her eyes and accepted Yuu’s advance.

“ ……Mmm… ”

The fresh elasticity and certain softness, Yui’s lips, which he had longed for since the first time he met her. Yui’s lips are a bit harder than originally because of her stiffness, but still, from Yuu’s point of view, it’s a superb feeling and mood.

The only disappointment is that this is Yuu’s first time, not Yui’s.

Still, he does not immediately release his lips to enjoy this moment. After staying like that for a minute or so, Yui tries to push Yuu, implying that it is enough.

However, Yuu does not accept that. There is no way for Yui to overpower him with force, so Yuu continues to have his way with Yui.

“ …Nn……schlurp…… ”

Yuu is enjoying the feeling as if it had never been felt before, as if it were imprinted on his body.

Eventually, after a few minutes, Yuu parted his lips.

“ Phew… Th-that was long… Someya-kun… ”

Yui wiped her lips with her hand, as if trying to erase the lingering sensation of the kiss, which was only the second time she had kissed someone, with the first being with Takkun. They had quickly stopped that time, both feeling embarrassed.

“ I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Your lips just felt so good that I didn’t want to let go. ”, apologized Yuu who was unable to resist the pleasurable sensation of kissing Yui.

Those words were not a lie. Yuu lightly pecked Yui’s lips in confirmation, intending to end the kiss there. However, the fact that they had been kissing for several minutes was due to the excitement of being intimate with Yui and the overwhelming experience causing their rationality to melt away.

“ I-I don’t need such comments… Just hurry up and finish it all already… ”

With the sole desire to quickly get it over with and leave this situation, Yui reluctantly urges, even though she dislikes it.

“ Are you unable to bear it any longer? Have you finally noticed my charm? ”

Without considering Yui’s feelings, Yuu interprets those words in a self-centered manner.

“ That’s not the case… Ah!!! ”

As soon as Yui tried to correct him, Yuu swiftly pulled down his pants and underwear all in one go.

There was a penis there, slightly enlarged by the blood rush from the kiss. Yui involuntarily screamed and looked away as she saw male genitalia for the first time.

The action made Yui let out a small whimper of disgust.

Even so, she still inevitably rejects the “male organ” when it comes in front of her. The smell of hot male genitalia wafts through the air, and it is hard for Yui to smell it for the first time.

Still mumbling and confidently saying, “ For Takkun, for Takkun. ”, she firmly captures the penis with his once downcast eyes. Then, as if determined, she brings her hand close to touch the penis.

“ !……… hiiiii………… ”, Yui’s voice trailed off as she found herself unable to articulate a complete response.

The penis twitches and quivers at the touch of her fingertips, and although she removes her hand, she touches it again.

A nationally beloved beauty is touching the symbol of masculinity. Moreover, it seems that she has yet to go beyond kissing with her newly acquired boyfriend, making this her first time. The realization of this fact sends a thrilling sensation down Yuu’s back.

The soft skin with a taut, pliable sensation that is peculiar to women, which is different from touching it yourself. Moreover, Yui’s expression of disgust arouses Yuu even more, causing even more blood to gather in his penis.

“ Ah… It’s gotten bigger… ”

Yui is surprised to see a penis that is 80% erect, though not completely.

“ Don’t tease me like that. ”

Suck me off with that pretty mouth as soon as possible, Yuu rushed ahead, unable to resist.

How many men who know Yui have wanted to have sex with her, fantasized about it and despaired that it would be too expensive? However, there was a scene in front of Yuu’s eyes that was just like a man’s dream, just before he was about to put his penis in her mouth.

“ ………Sorry, Takkun……, forgive me………… ”

She apologizes to her boyfriend, who cannot hear her speaking shakily, and then brings her face close to his “thing” and opens her mouth.

“ Ahhh… Ohhh……, Yui put “mine” in her mouth… ”

It’s not even blow-job yet, it’s just mouth-to-mouth contact, but the mental pleasure hits Yuu. On the bookshelf right there, there are dozens and dozens of magazines with Yui’s picture in them. How many times have he used those magazines to masturbate alone?

The scene I have been dreaming of is now right in front of me.

“ Deeper, gobble it up. ”

But that is merely the visual pleasure. At this point, it is the nature of sexual desire to seek further stimulation, and Yuu thrusts his hips forward.

“ Ahh… slurp…squelch…… ”

Yuu firmly grabs the back of Yui’s head with both hands, preventing her from escaping.

Long, shiny black hair that is silky and smooth. It’s the first time for him to touch it, and he is surprised at the difference from his own stiff hair. He is surprised at how good it feels, but his main concern is not what her hair feels like, but Yui sucking his penis.

“ Come on, hurry up. Or I will spread the photos. ”

I could force Yui’s head into my hands and make her suck deeper on my cock. However, I wanted to watch the angel in front of me, who seemed to know nothing about defilement, get defiled by my own hands rather than me defiling her.

“…Nn… Uuuggghh… Uhnn… ”

Yui slowly moves her face forward as if to respond to these thoughts. The saliva she is secreting due to her nervousness acts as a lubricant, so that Yuu’s penis smoothly enters her mouth.

“ I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure I’m going to get a lot out of this. Yui’s mouth is warm and slippery, and it feels like I’m being wrapped inside her. ……This is a blowjob………….. ”

   Every time, Yuu fantasized about what a blow job would feel like, but when it was actually sucked into her mouth, the feeling was quite different. He could feel the warmth of her body more firmly than if he held her with his hand, the sensation of saliva on his cock, and Yui’s face buried in his crotch under his eyes. Also, the fact that she is glaring at me with a grudgingly upturned eyes is also making ever more excited.

“ It feels good as it is, but I need you to move it back and forth for me to reach climax. But if you want to keep it in your mouth without moving, I’m fine with that too. ”

Saying those words with a gentle tone, it seems that Yui realized he was not lying. After a slight tremor in her body, she started moving.

“ Slurp… Mm, ah… Ahh… ”

The saliva makes an unpleasant sound even if the person has no intention of doing so. Yui notices this and slowly moves her mouth back and forth while feeling uncomfortable about it. When Yui pulls her face back, he can see that his penis is shiny with saliva, which is indescribably erotic.

Yui Shimotsuki, the “Yui Shimotsuki” we see on TV and in magazines, is sucking a man’s penis. The sensation on the penis is subtle, but the pleasure and the warmth of the mouth, which he has never experienced before, almost makes him cum.

However, it would be a waste to reach the climax here. Suppressing the urge, I give instructions to Yui.

“ Come on, be more intense and use your tongue. Like when you lick a candy. It won’t work like that, we’ll just end up spending more time on oral sex. ”

“ Uhnnn… Ummffff……… ”

Despite the protesting moans and upward glances, there is no choice but to proceed in order to reclaim Yui from the clutches of the devil. There is no intention to ease the act, fueled by the illusion that demonstrating a more masculine side than Takuya would make her fall in love again.

“ Do you want to move? Or do you want me to move? ”

“ Ummmffff…!!?? ”

As Yuu moved his hips selfishly, she must have realized that it would only bring discomfort to herself. Resigned, Yui reluctantly continued moving her mouth while wearing an unpleasant expression, as if eating something distasteful.

“ Schlurp… suck…, Uhnnn… Squelch… Ugghhh… ”

“ Exactly, that’s it. Purse your lips more and use your tongue as well. ”

He advises Yui as she begins to smoothly move her head back and forth.

“ Ngghhhh… Ummffff……, Nn… Ahhh…, Slurp… Suck…… ”

She moans in pain from the disgust of sucking the cock of a man she doesn’t love and the intensity of the unfamiliar blowjob.

“ Ummm…, Ufff… Uggghh…, Ahhh… Squelch…… ”

“ That’s right, it feels good. You’re doing great. As expected from someone who has acted in various dramas, you catch on quickly, especially when it comes to taking it in. ”

“ ……Nn… Ughhh…, Ahhh… Uhnnnn… Slurp… ”

This is the first time for her to give a blowjob. She is still not very good at it, and she doesn’t like it. However, this is also the first time for Yuu to experience this, and he feels a sense of unearned happiness at being serviced by Yui.

“ Ummffff…, …Slurp……, Uhnn…… ”

Reluctantly, all she wishes for is for this nightmare to end quickly, avoiding any other thoughts. In the eyes of Yu; however, her efforts appear as if she is earnestly serving him.

“ Slurp, Suck… Ummffff……, Nn…, Ahhh… Uhnn…… ”

“ That’s good. Licking it like that feels really good. ”

The awkward yet slippery sensation of her tongue touching his sensitive glans brings pleasure to Yuu.

“ Squelch…, Ughhh… Uhnnn……, Ahhhh… ”

The pleasurable sensation focused on his lower body was enough to push Yuu, a virgin with no experience with women, beyond his limits.

“ I’m going to cum, Yui…… I’m going to cumm so drink it all with your mouth… ”

“ !?! ”

After firmly grasping Yui’s head in his hands and holding it in place, Yuu spewed out his own semen without hesitation.


“ Nnn!!!… Ummfffff……… ”

As the thick, viscous liquid began to spread inside her mouth, it gave an unpleasant sensation that seemed to symbolize Yuu’s ugliness. Reacting with a sudden burst of strength akin to desperation, Yui managed to free herself from his grip and retreated.

“ Ummm…, Ble…, Spit… Spat… ”

She spat out the milky fluid that she had kept in her mouth, not swallowing it, onto the floor.

“ Aww, what a waste. ”

Although he says so, the erotic sight of his own semen spewing out of Yui’s mouth is more shocking than the fact that his room is dirty or the fact that she didn’t drink it.

Yuu couldn’t help but think that it might have been better for the pure and innocent-looking girl to have the milky fluid coming out of her mouth, displaying her innocence, rather than swallowing it.

Experiencing such a scene, a desire to continue further may arise, but there is no intention to break the prior agreement.

“ I’ll delete the photos then. ”

Yuu deliberately showed his phone to Yui, making it clear that he was deleting the photos.

“ I kept my promise and deleted the photos, and my ‘dick’ was big, wasn’t it? I’m much more manly than Takuya. Now you understand that I’m superior, right, Yui ”

“ I-I don’t… I like Tak-kun. That won’t change no matter what happens. No matter how much I may have been tainted by someone like you, these feelings will always be with me. ”

“ That’s… well, maybe it’s too soon for you to process everything, so let’s give it some time. ”

“ I believed in you. I always thought of Someya as a kind and good person, even from a long time ago… ”

As Yui stared at Yuu with a gaze that was more sad than angry, it seemed to express a sense of pity and wonder about why he had turned out this way. Without saying a word, Yui swiftly left the room.


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