Ch 75

“Natsuki, I want to ask you something.”


“What, you look so serious”


I look at Natsuki sitting in front of me. Homeroom is over and the evening sun is shining in the classroom, maybe because it is already winter.


“How did you confess to Yuka-senpai?”


“………. Huh?”


Right now, I wanted to stay in the classroom and tell the story of the handsome guy in front of me, so I told my senpai that I had something to do today and asked her to go home first.


“I need a reference.”


“…… that will help you? Listen to me.”


“I’m listening to you.”


“Haa……….. But that’s normal, right? I like her. I just asked her out.”


“In what way?”


“Nowadays there’s LIME and stuff, but I said it directly during the date. I held Yuka’s hand, looked into her eyes and said I liked her.”


“….. I see.”








“Reika-senpai, I have something to do today, so could you wait for me at my place first?”


“Hmm? Day duty or something? Committee meeting?”


“No, it’s not like that………”


You’re not looking at me, Yu-kun……. You are hiding something.


I can tell by Yu~kun’s little gestures. I can tell by your little gestures that you’re hiding something or lying.


Usually he only tells sweet lies. Yu~kun is so cool. For example: …… Oh, watch out. I almost tripped again.


I wonder what he’s hiding?


“Hey, I have to do something…”


“… Okay. I’ll wait for you.”




Then, after the afternoon class is over, I feel bad, but I stay at school because I’m worried.


I wonder if the teacher called him in about the incident. But then I would also be called in.


I knew it……. Will someone confess to me? I know…… I know, I know, but …….


Yu~kun isn’t outside, so I think he’s still in the school building. Maybe it’s a classroom?


I quietly approach Yu-kun’s classroom. Natsuki and Yu-kun were inside.


I’m so happy……. But why didn’t he tell me that he wanted to talk to Natsuki-kun?


“Well, why don’t you try practicing?”




“Just start by saying it out loud.”


“Haa……. got it. I’ll try it.”


I wonder what he will do? Ah, Yu-kun’s slightly embarrassed face is cute, too.


Yu-kun takes a deep breath and decides to get ready. Oh my God! That face is so cool.


“Reika-senpai, please go out with me!”




………..!!!!. I ran away from there for some reason.


Run, run. Run.


Then I opened the roof door with great force and closed it gently. With my back to the door, I sat down on the floor.


My heart was beating fast. Haa, haa, haa. Probably not because I was running.


“Yu-kun. Yu-kun. Yu-kun, Yu-kun.” 


My cheeks are so hot that I can feel it myself. And when I looked down, they were stained with tears before I knew it. 


“I’ve never felt so happy.”


I can’t show you my face like this. Because I was so happy that my face was crumpled up and I was crying.


About 30 minutes later I looked at my face in the mirror. When I looked at my face in the mirror, there were faint traces of tears on it.


“…….. But he didn’t confess to me directly.”


But I cried so much. I’m so happy, and I realize that I love Yuya-kun so much.


I want him to confess his love to me soon. No, I’ll tell him again.


…….. Muu, but I’d like to confess to him directly. Aa, I’m so impatient.


“Aa, moo! Yu-kun is an idiot! But I love you.”




“I love you, Reika-senpai, please go out with me.” 


I say to the virtual Reika-senpai as loud as I can to convey my thoughts.


Then I hear a noise coming from the hallway, and suddenly the sound of footsteps fades away.


……….. No way.

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